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Get Dancing. It Is An Extraordinary Therapy

Dancing offers many physical, mental, and emotional benefits to the person who enjoys it and tries through music and dance to remove stress and negative emotions that are affecting their life. We do not need to go through a traumatic event, to know that sometimes we need to get levels of stress or emotions that

Surprising Skills That Only Left Hands Have

Learn about the surprising skills and curiosities of left-handed people I always grew up with the idea that left-handed people were smarter, since my mother was and always repeated it. However, it is not about competing with the degree of intelligence, but about knowing some skills and curiosities that left-handed people have. As well as

Get Ready To Meet The Love Of Your Life

Turn your relationships into a safe bet by preparing to receive the right person. They say that at the beginning of time human beings had two heads, two trunks, four arms and four legs. But it happened that the gods feared us because we were too strong; however, destroying us was not an option because

The Daily Art Of Being Happy

Being happy is not as complex as people think, they are small details and habits that help a human being to remain happy despite the problems of daily life. I like to imagine that life is like an iron city full of rides. On the carousel you go around but you still have –in some

Manual For Dreamers

If you have a project, a dream that you want to realize and you don’t dare, this article is for you. This is a manual for dreamers. The subversive screams that stop God. Only seditious screams are what stop God. The Palestinian sun burned the skin and utopias. Streets brimming with sweat, noise and needs

Learn To Dress Your Body

There are two phrases that make the importance of clothing quite clear, one is “How they see you they treat you”, and the other, “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have. That is how relevant it is to know how to dress. I’m not a fashion consultant, although the truth is

How To Make Your Charms Enchant

The clothes we wear can help us or hurt us by making us the center of attention or criticism, that’s how important it is to know how to choose. Like it or not, a woman’s cleavage has the power to reveal not only our charms, but also our personality, and even our hidden intentions. Obviously,

Loneliness, My Worst Enemy?

You are not alone, you always have God and you always have yourself. Read here some simple ways to face loneliness. Much of my life has been spent alone. I have a wonderful family and great friends, I have enjoyed their company and affection, but, we have to be honest, everyone has to live their