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7 Tips To Lose Weight Easily

We are already halfway through the year, and have you still not fulfilled your goal of losing weight? Here you will find some tips so that the year does not end without meeting your goal. How many times have you started a diet and lost it easily? Undoubtedly, your body changes over the years and

The Road To Diabetes In 3 Steps

Although age, ethnicity, and heredity increase risk, make no mistake, it is our actions that have made diabetes the epidemic of the 21st century. Taking into account that human beings, from time immemorial, have longed for the secret of eternal life, it is contradictory that we do so little to take care of our lives.

7 Signs Your Teen Suffers Ketamine Bladder Syndrome; Discover The Danger Of Not Treating It In Time

A simple drug can become a serious health problem and even an addiction, especially for adolescents. Find out what we are talking about. A Canadian family decided that their teenage daughter should start orthodontic treatment because they not only wanted to improve the appearance of her teeth – which was already beginning to affect their

Children On The Move Are Healthy Children

If your child likes physical activities, sports, going for walks to look for insects or playing with his friends, congratulations! You have a healthy, normal child and of those who are very few … Some years ago, in school meetings with parents it was very common to hear mothers complain about how restless their children