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The Dangers Of Kissing Your Dog

Veterinary physicians warn about the dangers of pet “kisses” in certain areas of the human body. For many people, having a dog at home is one of the most beautiful things they have. And it is that arriving home every afternoon and being greeted by your pet wagging his tail and licking his face, can

Reasons We Should All Have A Pet

I know that you are very busy doing many very good things for you, your family and those around you, that you have many activities and the last thing you want is to get to clean the “graces” of a pet, can you give me a chance to convince you ? A few weeks ago

Animals Are More Human Than People

It is fashionable to defend animals, and that is good. It also seems to be fashionable to defend animals more than people, are animals more human than people? Some time ago I went to a meeting of friends. There I met the friend of one of my friends. When I heard her speak, my first