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7 Great Lessons A Father Teaches His Daughters

Thanks dad because from you I have learned great things for my life. With her teary eyes, her broken voice and uncertainty about the future, her heart was breaking into a thousand pieces, knowing that her great love had departed from this world. Fear lived within him when he saw the faces of his two

She Suffered The Harassment Of Hundreds Of Parents Who Misjudged Her Behavior After An Incessant Cough From Her Baby. In Her Case, What Would You Do?

For or against protecting your children like this mother? In recent times it has become common for many parents to take their children to be vaccinated, including vaccines that are applied to babies a few days old, the reason dates back to the 90’s. A little history In 98 a study carried out by British

How To Detect Bullying In My Children Or Students?

This article aims to publicize the symptoms of bullying, what should be taken into account to detect it early, and how to avoid it when our children are victims of this school act. Our children, as social human beings, must relate to the world. After their family they will have to face school, where they