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Cheating Men Have Low Iq

We knew it! Now science confirms it. I will never tire of repeating it: your partner’s infidelity has nothing to do with you. Being unfaithful is a wrong decision that a person makes out of selfishness, pride or as a new study shows, because the person has a low IQ. You didn’t expect that reason,

It Is Always The Wife’s Fault

If they tell you that a marriage ended because of infidelity, what is the first thing you think? Who is the real culprit in this situation? Every time we hear about infidelity, two situations cross our mind: a man pushed into the arms of another woman due to the lack of care from his wife,

5 Tips To Cope After Infidelity

When a marriage faces a situation of infidelity, one must use all the resources and support that we can to get ahead. When we have this information, the path is still arduous but it is clearer. Having a good marriage is something that takes work, you need to work on it constantly. It is for