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You, Me, And Money Can We Get Along?

They share life, children, the best moments, and the worst. Why can’t many couples share money? When we talk about money in a relationship, sparks of friction usually jump. Regarding this subject, I would love to give the example that a teacher gave us one day: when we think of a couple, we imagine them

6 Signs That Your Marriage Will Last Forever

Studies show: The secret to a lasting marriage are six signs that appear through small changes that will do wonders for your marriage. Mignon McLaughlin, a journalist, once said that “a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” But how is that possible? What can a couple do to

Creative Couples Divorce Less. Need Help?

There is a very close connection between the divorce rate and couples who have put their gifts and talents aside by coming together. If you need help to awaken your creativity, here I help you. I have always been convinced of what Arthur Conan Doyle said: “Mediocrity knows nothing superior to itself, but talent instantly

Love Simmers

Nothing better to break the monotony and unite as a couple, than to get ready to have fun in the kitchen. Surely you have had problems as a couple or you have faced the boring routine in marriage, and you have looked for endless solutions. But, have you thought about finding the solutions to those