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Redeem Easter For A Holy Life

Are you one of those who, when Easter comes around, become super religious and spiritual? What do you think will please God more, having a fervent Easter or a holy life? Redeem Easter for a Holy Week is the most indicated to meet God, to turn your face to him, put yourself at peace with

Chastity. The Courage To Wait Until Marriage

When you decide to wait to have intimate relationships, you are training in the school of authentic love, because your desires for intimacy will not be based on the desire to possess the other, but on total surrender. The word “chastity” seems to be forbidden in most current settings. Both in the educational, psychological and

Slavery Exists In Modern Life

After reading this I realized that I am a slave. Do you have any slavery? Have you ever wondered if you are really free. I asked myself this question seriously after watching the movie Twelve Years a Slave , by director Steve McQueen. The film recreates the real life story of an Afro-descendant man, who