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Children On The Move Are Healthy Children

If your child likes physical activities, sports, going for walks to look for insects or playing with his friends, congratulations! You have a healthy, normal child and of those who are very few … Some years ago, in school meetings with parents it was very common to hear mothers complain about how restless their children

7 Ways To Exercise Without Paying A Penny

Do you feel like you don’t have the time, place, or opportunities to exercise? With these seven suggestions you will have no excuse to stay in shape, without your pocket losing weight. We all know without question that a fundamental part of having a healthy life is exercising; We know that exercising is a duty

4 Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage

Do you feel lonely even if your partner is next to you or in the same room? Remember that everything has a solution, so here are some simple tips to strengthen your marriage Some marriages go through stages of monotony and boredom, in which life as a couple loses meaning. If that’s your case, it’s