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6 Keys To Happy Family Conversation

Communication is the foundation of every relationship. If you want to know a couple of tips that could improve your listening skills, then read on. An ancient story tells that human beings had the largest ears in the animal world, which even exceeded those of elephants. They could listen from miles away and they forgot

How To Combat The Gap Between Generations

Grandparents, parents and children: three generations raised almost in the opposite way, is it possible to get along? Keep reading this article to find out some ways to achieve this. In Chile, the generations of the 60s and 70s were raised under the slogan of fear: it was not only the terror of political repression

Simple Tips For Meeting New People

Not all the people you will meet in life have the potential to be your friends, but that is not why you should not limit the possibilities of growing your social circle. They all have a role: they enrich our lives. Meeting people is an art that is in disuse. We have lost the ingenuity