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What’s Wrong With Getting Divorced?

To you, who before any setback you put the word divorce on the table, these words are addressed. Divorce went from being the last option to being the first. While before couples tried anything to avoid separating, today “irreconcilable differences” are the backpack where everything fits. From little tolerance to problems, little coexistence, stress and

What Was It That Killed Our Love?

You may believe that love never dies, but there are factors that cause it to hurt until it disappears. CupidHe observed them from his celestial enclosure, he analyzed each action and recorded each request that Julieta and Roman made him reach through their prayers. With fervent desire, longing and hope that they could find true

Someday You Will Be Old And You Will Not Be Able To Work. Have You Thought About How You Are Going To Survive?

It is enough to review the news about the economy, the lack of employment and bad consumption habits to know that our future as older adults will be very, very difficult. Anticipate those scenarios by reading this article. The economic situation is becoming more complex every day, inflation levels do not stop, getting a job

The Fear Of A New Relationship

After a breakup there is usually a strong fear of starting a new relationship, how to start a relationship without that fear being an obstacle? After a breakup, be it from a courtship or marriage, there is usually a strong fear of starting a new relationship. However, on many occasions, you do have the desire

How To Handle Divorce Without Affecting The Children

Helpful tips to deal with a divorce without affecting the children. Divorces have increased alarmingly in our society, breaking the family nucleus and generating a series of conflicts in adults and children. All members of each family that disintegrates will undoubtedly be affected by the situation. In this circumstance, it is very common for feelings

Flirting With Infidelity? Read This First

Have you ever wondered what makes us cheat? Understanding it can help you avoid a lot of pain. When I started researching this topic, I believed that men committed more infidelities than women, and I dedicated myself to elucidating why men tend to be unfaithful. But as my grades grew, I realized not only that