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Should You Let Your Children’s Stepfather Discipline Them? Be Surprised By The Response Of The Specialists

Don’t get married if he doesn’t have the correct answer to these three questions. You will thank me already. I have always thought that raising and educating a child is much more complex than launching a rocket into space or traveling through time. It is difficult, exhausting, strange, frustrating, extremely expensive, challenging to tears, extremely

Flirting With Infidelity? Read This First

Have you ever wondered what makes us cheat? Understanding it can help you avoid a lot of pain. When I started researching this topic, I believed that men committed more infidelities than women, and I dedicated myself to elucidating why men tend to be unfaithful. But as my grades grew, I realized not only that

Are You His Friend, His Wife, Or Worse?

A woman should never lower her feminine condition to receive the attention or affection of a man. Any woman deserves the best and not be someone’s second or third choice. I will not question the reasons, motives or situations that led you to become something that does not convince you at all as long as