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Drugs, The Easy Way Out Of A Difficult Road

He who has many vices, has many masters! Plutarch Junkie. This word immediately sends us to think the worst of the person we have labeled with it. We take it for granted that addicts are people without trade or profit and devoid of all virtue. When drugs are often the easy way out of a

Women Also Watch Pornography

It is time to talk about this topic with an attitude of charity and never judge, read on to find out why. It is true, I have written several articles about pornography, but none have been dedicated to women who suffer from this particular addiction. I know the time has come to talk about it,

Daughters In College? Protect Them From Alcohorexia!

Anorexia, alcoholism, bouts of bulimia, and self-destructive behaviors haunt young people, especially college girls. Janice was very late again, and although she was trying to hide it, she was drunk. Lately he overreaches at parties, which are becoming more frequent and longer. At first her father thought it was a good idea for Janice to