During These Holidays, Stimulate The Creativity Of Your Children

Would you like to know how to stimulate creativity in your young children? Then read this article.

Stimulating the creative area of ​​children is essential if we want to train autonomous people, capable of thinking and using their imagination before acting. But what can we do as parents or educators to encourage creativity in our children? I invite you to read these simple suggestions:

Give them a safe space to play

This will help everyone reduce stress levels. In the first place, because you will avoid the headaches caused by the disorder; And secondly, your child will be able to express himself freely without fear of hitting himself or getting something dirty.

Give them a time to play

Many parents fall into the temptation of organizing their day with different sports, academic activities and many others that exist. It is time for you to include a time for them to play freely.

Don’t run their games

This point may be the most difficult to understand, but the best we can do for our little ones when they play is for them to be the ones to devise and direct their actions without fear. Only intervene if they are fighting with their siblings, or when they ask for help to do something.

Turn off the TV, computer and cell phones

Screens promote sedentary lifestyle. If your child spends a lot of time playing in one of them, he may begin to gain weight and become isolated. To avoid dire consequences it is better that you limit the times in which they have access to these devices, in this way and without realizing it you will begin to stimulate their imagination to be able to play freely.

Store empty containers, medicine boxes, cardboard cones and everything they can recycle

Today on the internet we can find beautiful crafts made from things that we generally throw away and that without knowing it, can provide us with a tremendous opportunity to spend time with the family. In a box, keep small buttons, light bulbs (straws), pieces of wool, crazy eyes, small boxes and everything you want. When your little ones are bored, invite them to create what their imagination dictates, you will see how they are capable of creating beautiful works of art.

Don’t laugh at their ideas

Sometimes children have ideas that we can find funny, but avoid laughing at them, because for them they represent great projects to be carried out. Show them that it is important to you that they tell you about their plans, goals and dreams; to achieve this, be always attentive to their little conversations.

Childhood is one of the most beautiful and short moments in the lives of our children, this is where the importance of guiding, containing, advising and stimulating their different abilities lies. Feel free to follow your instincts and put your ideas into practice to enjoy watching them grow up healthy and happy.

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