Dreams Will Come True To The Extent That You Put This Fundamental Step Into Practice

If you think that achieving your dreams is not within your reach, discover how wrong you can be. Dreams come true to the extent that you trust yourself.

We all want to have successful children. And the same: we all want to be successful. In this tenor, existence goes from one goal to another, eagerly waiting to achieve what is desired. However, the road to success appears full of potholes and unexpected twists of fate, of circumstances. And if to that we add that many goals and objectives depend on an extra willpower and personal sacrifices that sometimes we do not take into account, then the situation can become a bit frustrating. But let’s see:

The secret is within you

Recently, a young foreign woman, about to return home after being in Colombia for eighteen months, asked me to guide her regarding her professional life. To do this, he asked me to apply a professional orientation clinical test that would give him clarity and help him decide about whether to continue his university career -which he had left halfway before traveling- or if what was best for him was change carrer. I have, as a general rule, the habit of not applying tests unnecessarily and I will explain why: in general, what a young person looks for is a fact that reaffirms that her decision is the correct one and not a different option from what has already been decided. I prefer to give the consultant the option of DISCOVERING WITHIN HIMSELF WHAT THEY WANT TO KNOW. In other words, each person knows what they want, what is best for them and, therefore, this will be the option that will bring them success in life and will provide them with happiness.

What I recommended was that she let herself be guided by what she would like to do. I asked her what she wanted to work on in the future, and she replied that she would like to be a teacher, because of her attachment to children. I told him something that I usually say to every young person who consults me for the same reason: it is better to work in a profession that you like and are passionate about; Thus, twelve hours of work will be full of reasons to continue in that work. On the contrary, if you work on something that, even if it is well paid, does not provide us with that special “ingredient” that makes you feel that it is worth doing, it will rather be a kind of unbearable punishment.

And with love, how does it work?

If we talk about love as that very important fact of establishing a relationship that can last a lifetime, it has the same parameters of action: you cannot wait for a relationship in which you do not feel 100 percent safe and complete with your partner makes you HAPPY FOREVER. With the above I am not saying that to be happy with someone there should not be any kind of inconvenience, on the contrary, how could a couple meet if they do not know their pros and cons when being together? The issue is to feel complete, capable of overcoming the inconveniences and despite the multiple setbacks wanting to be with that person regardless of the conditions that life puts.

What is the secret to achieving your goals?

I have been tacitly stating it: it is about certainty; to be sure of what you want, dream of, desire and, if you want, who you love.

Confidence in yourself, in what you do, in what you choose to do gives you the ability to resolve to execute all your purposes in life, in addition to the fact that when you have children -or if you are already a mother or father- you can transmit them that faith in themselves and discipline that will make them successful men and women in whatever they set out to do. Because believing in yourself is one of the best inheritances that can be left to the family.

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