Don’t Walk Past Someone Who Is Hurt! You Can Do A Lot For Him

People are an unfinished project. Despite our actions we can always start over. Your loving gaze can work miracles if you allow it.

“He killed his son, and then he committed suicide, ” read a sad note in the newspaper. When I read headlines like these, I close my eyes sadly and discouraged. How much suffering there is in the world! And many times it is perpetrated against the weakest, and what is worse! by whom more love should be given.

If you were to decide which life is worth more, if that of a responsible father or that of the poor man mentioned above, which life would you defend? I am sure that many of us would opt for the first one in the first place. However, we would be falling into a mistake.  Neither is worth more than the other.

We are uncomfortable dealing with problem people

Do you know what the “dignity” of the human person is? It is a term that has already emerged from the Greeks, enunciated by some Romans such as the illustrious Marco Tulio Cicero, but brought to its culmination by Christianity, which recognizes that each man is created in the image and likeness of God and therefore has the same value.

The words sound good, the difficult thing is to put them into practice on a day-to-day basis. Do you not consider -sometimes- that a disorderly and harmful person is better to have them away? and jump from there to the hard ground? We do not like people who are uncomfortable, who behave in inappropriate ways, because dealing with them requires us to control ourselves, to gather all our will, to look at them and attend to them, or at least, to prevent them from harming us.

And yet when you’ve misbehaved or failed, isn’t it important that someone reaches out to you even if you don’t deserve it?

I’ll be with you if you give me something 

God has blessed me with true angels in my worst moments: friends who come to me when I can’t give them anything, and they give me everything without measuring, constantly and with fine kindness. I greatly value the presence of these people in my life and that of my children, because they have been promoters of great blessings.

They were not supposed to support me, they were not obliged, but they saw me in need and they came without hesitation to shake hands.

This mindset is not common. We have commercialized the value of the person: I am with you if you give me pleasure, if you give me good company.  We are suffocated by those who ask or demand something from us, because we are used to a comfortable life, without complications. That’s good! You will tell me, why accept in your life conflictive people, who suck your energy? Think with me, is this resistance to living with someone who demands an effort from you, is it for your health or for your comfort? If it is for your comfort, do not pass by!

I do not invite you to sacrifice yourself, but to look and treat with love

I was in a difficult financial situation, so I took a job that I knew would be difficult to do. My personal and family situation was at the limit, so I said to myself: « You can handle that, everything is for yours» . And so, I had one of the worst experiences of my life: having to get up to go to a place where I felt useless, nullified, and a complete loser.

There I was, on the verge of tears (like every day for months). I felt like a failure and incapable. One day, the dialogue with a colleague occurred naturally, I don’t know if she knew how saturated she was, but after the meeting, everything changed for me.

She didn’t hug me compassionately, nor did she arch her eyes to show that she felt sorry for me. With generous delicacy, he separated my poor performance from my personal quality, and his vision gave me the energy to get out of there, and rescue myself.

It took this girl ten minutes to renew my faith in myself. After that, it took me a long time to see her again, and we haven’t talked in a long time, however, she knew how to give me a loving presence and gaze in a small meeting. It could have passed by, and it didn’t. There is not a day that I do not thank God for the support of this girl, and I try not to forget that sometimes,  wise and healing words, spoken in a moment of darkness, change lives.

Are you what you are, or what you’re meant to be?

People are an unfinished project. Every moment we can decide to light up or turn off our life, move forward or sit down. Whoever dares to see that in himself and in others knows the most beautiful secret to be happy and make others happy.

People, sadly, do not fully know our value or that of the other. We dare to judge and label others for their actions, for their appearance, for “how I like it”, for a bad initial experience … and we miss out on enormous riches.

Without going any further, sometimes we treat badly even the members of our family, when their actions do not adhere to our standards, or our demands.

No matter where you are today, you are not doomed

To understand our value, it helps a lot to compare ourselves to a high-denomination banknote. The fact that it is wrinkled, torn, dirty or stepped on in nothing affects its value.

If you find yourself broken, defeated, discouraged, drowned in negative actions, far from yours, that does not mean that you are worth less than anyone else. Your wealth as a person was given to you thanks to the love of God who created you with intelligence and will, capable of the best and the worst.

Your actions do not determine your value, but they can enhance it.

No matter where you are today, you are never doomed

In the dirty streets of Jerusalem, Jesus was with his disciples when he heard angry screams. He walked over and looked at a woman in her tattered clothes. They had found her with a man who was not her husband. The punishment of Jewish law was clear: she must be stoned to death. She lowered her eyes with resignation, but Jesus addressed her some words that have not lost their wealth.

Christ rebuked the Jews, so willing to judge and punish everyone, that he who was free from sin should throw the first stone, and instantly, the crowd dispersed. There was no one left, and the adulteress looked at the purity in the eyes of the Son of God. She knew that He was free from sin. Christ, then, looked at her with love, and said: ” I do not condemn you either, go away and from now on, sin no more ” (Jn 8:11).

You have not been the best person, you have made mistakes, and they have hurt you and yours. Do not gloat in your sadness and discouragement, Jesus has come to meet you. He doesn’t want you to expose yourself to be stoned, nor does he want you to be the one to get hurt. The Lord comes to give you his hand and to look at you with love. Take His hand, and dare to get up.

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