Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes When Putting On Makeup

Whether you use makeup every day or you only do it on special occasions, beware of making these mistakes.

Many women love to put on makeup and others do it because they think they “have to” or because they think they “need it.” In any of the cases, if you have decided to put on makeup, it is good that you take care not to make these five fairly common mistakes and in which we have all fallen at times when applying makeup:

1. Dismissing facial cleansing

To begin, let’s remember a basic rule: wash your face before putting on makeup and before going to sleep, always. If you put on makeup without cleaning your skin previously, you can cause imperfections such as pimples and pimples to appear on it. Also, makeup will last less time, especially if your skin tends to be oily. On the other hand, if you don’t clean your face before sleeping, it will absorb the pigments left by makeup overnight, clogging pores and causing your skin to show signs of aging prematurely. Believe me: avoid sleeping with your face made up and after time you will appreciate having done it.

2. Hide your face behind makeup

You must be clear that makeup is not there to hide your face, but to highlight your own beauty. It is true that there are products and tricks to “correct” aspects of your face that you do not like, but this does not mean that you should transform it completely. Your face is beautiful and you can make it look even better; focus on highlighting your strengths, what you like the most: your eyes, your lips, your perfect eyebrows. On the other hand, if you wish, hide the parts that you do not like as much, but never give in to the temptation to hide behind a makeup mask. It doesn’t look good and you don’t need it.

3. Use a makeup tone lighter than your skin

When choosing a foundation, make sure it is your natural skin color or, better yet, a shade darker. A slightly darker color will help you better cover blemishes and blemishes. On the other hand, when you use shades lighter than your skin, not only do you light artificial and “masked”, but the imperfections and expression lines you have will be even more noticeable, especially if you are a mature woman. Don’t fall for the artifice that fair skin is more beautiful: it’s just marketing, beauty stereotypes that have nothing to do with true beauty. One more tip: when choosing makeup, try it on your face (not your hand or forearm) before you buy. Most beauty supply stores have fitting rooms – where you make sure you’re getting the perfect shade for you.

4. Highlight everything at once

Coco Chanel’s maxim, “Simplicity is the key to true elegance,” applies here perfectly. Never overload your makeup by highlighting your entire face at once. That is, if you are going to use a heavy, intense or striking makeup on your eyes, look for your lips to only show a slight shine or look a natural matte tone. If you wear a deep red lipstick, for example, try to make your eyes look natural, with a discreet line and a good mascara. In this way you achieve that whoever looks at you is caught by your precious eyes or by the beauty of your lips, instead of saturating their sense of sight with so many colors and makeup, especially if you are a woman who has passed 40 years of age. age. The more natural your makeup is as a whole, the younger you will look.

5. Combine makeup with clothes

This is a mistake and no: that is, it is not always wrong, but it is not always right. You should favor the use of those shades of eyeshadow, eyeliners, blush and lipstick that combine with your skin and your hair. For example: I love rosewood in clothes, but pale shades of pink don’t look good on my face. Depending on the natural tone of your skin, warm, cold, ash tones, etc. can favor you. Try at home with different makeup colors and learn what are the shades that highlight your unique beauty. Remember: if you must choose, it is always better that the makeup matches you, not your outfit.

Finally, here the most important advice perhaps is: your true beauty is the product of a singular mixture that makes you unique: it is in your skin, your laugh, your face, your ideas and talents; And it is also in the things that you love, that move you and in what you would even give your life for. Makeup is useful only if it helps you highlight all that you are, that which makes you unique and perfect.

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