Don’t Let Your Child Be Teased! Teach Your Child To Defend Himself Against Cruel Children

Teasing and humiliation can affect self-esteem into adulthood. Teach your child to defend himself without applying physical violence.

Most of us parents want to take care of our children and protect them 24 hours a day, as long as they are happy and nothing bad happens to them. However, it is practically impossible to prevent them from facing daily problems, such as humiliation or ridicule.

We know that children are sometimes cruel, this is due to the values ​​they learn at home, many of their behaviors are a reflection of what their parents and close people have learned.

However, studies have shown that humiliation or social rejection not only causes emotional suffering, but also physical pain, because the sensation is shared with the brain circuits. Humiliation can be an excruciating wound that, possibly by not knowing how to heal it, could eventually turn into a trauma until adulthood.

For this reason, it is important that parents teach their children to face the teasing and humiliation that they could receive in their childhood. In this way, parents can be more secure and confident that their child will not be affected emotionally or physically; at the same time we protect your self-esteem.

What should you teach

1. Get to the bottom of the problem

It is important to investigate the main cause of teasing your child may receive, why does it occur? Where does it occur and at what time? Get closer to your teachers and school principals to understand the root cause, so you can find solutions. Like you, your child must investigate what is the origin of the teasing?

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2. Mental toughness

Explain to your child that children who tease and make practical jokes that tend to affect others, is because they want to get the attention of others. For this reason, it is important that you learn to ignore the teasing, so it will disappear, since it will not achieve its objective.

3. Never use violence

Remind your child that violence only calls for violence. So it’s important to respond witty to teasing or demeaning comments. It teaches that he should treat others the way he wants to be treated. If the cruel child is treated with kindness, he will not understand what is happening, so his hurtful comments will have no effect.

4. Be empathetic

To strengthen your child’s security and confidence, you must be empathetic to understand their pain and suffering. Avoid scolding her, telling her that she is a crybaby or coward; it is advisable to show all your support; You can talk with your child about an experience in which you were once made fun of and how you solved it.

5. Let him choose his friends

To make sure your child is happy and safe, let him choose his friends and allow him to spend time with them in a fun way. When children have friends, they usually feel safe and confident, to face any type of teasing.

6. Dialogue

One of the effective ways to solve problems is dialogue. Teach your child to say NO and to set limits for other children. When a child humiliates or makes fun of him, your child has the right to express himself and tell him “don’t do that”, “that he likes it” and so on.

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If you notice that your child begins to have problems in his physical and emotional health, go to a specialist, possibly you will have to change his school and focus on other physical and recreational activities. Don’t let anyone affect your child’s self-esteem!

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