Donald Trump Has A Clone And Is A Latina Farmer

It’s two drops of water and the potato farmer has become famous.

They say that we all have a double. Now, we are not talking about the better half (or potato in this specific case), but about someone who looks like our clone or twin brother. Well, this is the case of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, who has found his double, perhaps in the least expected place and in the most unexpected way.

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HAHAHAHAHA they pass … but NO, logically it is not #Trump. Her name is #DoloresLeisAntelo and she lives in #Galicia, # Spain. A journalist interviewed her about her work in the fields, took some photos of her and now her image has gone viral because of the reasonable resemblance to #DonaldTrump. And although she does not use social networks, her daughters have learned of their mother’s growing fame, something they have taken with humor.

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Recently, a reporter who was doing a story unrelated to Trump, in Cabana de Bergantiños, met the woman who today travels the internet as the double of the first president of the northern country.

The photo of the farmer, Dolores Leis Antelo, was published by the journalist and today he travels the world.

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“This photo is not PhotoShop altered,” the post reads. “President Donald Trump has a double and is a Latina,” he continues.

The farmer, as reported by the Huffington Post, has been married for more than four decades and does not have an internet or smartphone. “My photo has come a long way,” Antelo commented, expressing that she was flattered by many of the comments received.

“It must be the color of my hair,” Antelo told La Voz de Galicia. They both undoubtedly have somewhat unique hair color, and denying the resemblance is nearly impossible.

Do we all have a clone?

“It’s almost like a nightmare to find yourself without expecting it,” said Francois Brunelle, a Montreal photographer who is compiling a collection of photos of people whose resemblance to each other is striking. 

The short answer given by science is “yes”. “There is only a certain amount of genetic diversity,” said Michael Sheehan, an assistant professor of neurobiology and behavior at Cornell University, who routinely studies genetic and appearance variations in species like paper wasps and house mice. “If you shuffle that deck of cards so many times, at some point, you are dealt the same hand twice.”

So, we must keep our mind open, because we don’t know where our clone was born.


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