Doesn’t He Show His Love For You? Remember That Men Do Not Act Under Pressure

Do not be discouraged, pray to God for your marriage, because it touches your husband’s heart and allows him to bring out all the love that you inspire in him.

Manuel and Edna, my friends, got married 18 years ago. Manuel is an intelligent man, focused, not very sociable, serious and cold, although kind when it comes to interacting with others. Edna is the opposite, an empathetic and warm woman, a good conversationalist, thoughtful, affectionate, tender and always looking for new ways to express affection and love to her husband.

Everything is a surprise on Manuel’s birthdays, because Edna brings together her husband’s most significant friends; she makes sure to bring Manuel’s family from far away, and organizes a whole party with balloons, cards, gifts, a musical group and an exquisite dinner; takes care of the smallest detail and in the end it is always a beautiful celebration. For his part, Manuel, on Edna’s special dates, invariably takes her to a shopping center to choose her gift, then they have dinner and go home. Year after year it’s the same! I was amazed that Edna never complained and proudly showed me the gifts his husband gave him.

One day, around Edna’s birthday, I received a call from Manuel. He politely told me, “I’ll be waiting for you this Saturday at home, I organized a simple gathering to celebrate Edna’s birthday. It’s a surprise!”. When I got to Edna’s house that day I couldn’t help but get emotional and cry, and it didn’t just happen to me, but to all of us who were present that night, because we knew the story closely. Manuel was definitely not the detailed and loving man who would show his love for Edna in that way; However, that wonderful night, full of flowers, chocolates, gifts and a serenade, was the beginning of a new Manuel, ready to show his love for Edna, just as she expected. Read in this article some simple ways to show love,

At this point in the story, I know you are wondering, who made that change in Manuel? And if Edna did it, how? I was always struck by the difference between how loving and detailed Edna was and how dry and cold Manuel could be, and even in spite of this, everything always went well between them. I think I know what the secret was and I’m going to share it with you:

Accept your husband for who he is, and value the good things he has. Edna used to tell me, “Manuel is not a detail-oriented and loving man, but he’s a great man, he always shows me how much he loves me in his own way.” Many women say they have a good husband but are dissatisfied because that man is not very warm and affectionate; the reality is that they must learn to sacrifice some things for others. It is true that feeling loved, wanted and admired is important, and I would believe that a good man who has little ability to express his feelings tries to make you feel that way, but not in the way that you expect. A man who helps you build your dreams, who is generous with his money, who treats you well, who is a good dad and loves his children; who is hard-working, honest, cannot be sacrificed simply because he is not loving. In this article you will find tips on how to show gratitude to your husband,

Keep your essence and don’t expect anything in return. Give, expecting to receive! It doesn’t always have to be this way, you have to learn the value of being unconditional. It is true that a healthy affective relationship must be reciprocal, but you also have to learn to understand balance in all its dimensions. For the particular case of this note, you may think, “It is true, it is not affectionate but it has many other qualities!”. Keep who you are and what makes you, special and unique, do not tie your way of being to conditions. You are like that because it is your essence, because your husband, your children, your family inspire you to be loving, affectionate, special; don’t do it to earn the love and affection of others, don’t expect a reward, that usually comes by itself.

Men don’t function under pressure. It might sound a bit macho, but that’s right, rarely does a man act under pressure. If you remind him every day that you need him to be loving, affectionate and warm, you will achieve the opposite.

In short, probably the secret that moved Manuel to be different is the combination of these three things: he found in Edna a woman who accepted him unconditionally as he was, valued all the good things he did for her, and never did. She pushed her to express affection in a different way than she knew how to do it and, despite this, she was still herself, with her details, unique. Don’t you think that at some point he conjugated all this and thought that maybe it was time to give in a little? Do not be discouraged, pray to God for your marriage, because it touches your husband’s heart and allows him to bring out all the love that you inspire in him.

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