Does Your Baby Move Little In The Womb? Find Out When You Have To Worry

If you are expecting a baby you must read this urgently …

The friend of an acquaintance waited with great emotion to be able to get pregnant with her second child, it took a little longer than she would have liked but finally she got pregnant and with great pleasure she endured all the discomforts and challenges that a normal pregnancy presents, she attended her on time follow-up appointments, she fed properly and tried to walk a little each day but one morning she noticed that the baby had not moved for a while.

He waited, he spoke to the baby, he rubbed his tummy but the baby did not seem to hear or move. As soon as she could, she went to the gynecologist who, after hiding her, revealed the terrible news: the baby had died in its eighth month of gestation.

What has happened?

Vix published what many mothers already know that babies begin to move around week 7 or 8 of gestation although we perceive them around week 20.

Feeling the movements of that little being is one of the most significant experiences experienced by the mother and the whole family.

As the baby grows, these movements become a bit more annoying and painful as the space is reduced and small “mountains” or “lumps” are produced through the skin that can be elbows, knees or feet of the baby. Also the back of the baby can feel completely on one side or the other and both mother and baby seek to get comfortable to rest a little and all these movements and discomforts are perfectly normal.

ABC of the baby published the opinion of Dr. Marco Duque who says that the baby must have 6 minimum movements while the mother is awake, that is, the mother must feel 6 fetal movements during the day, especially in the afternoon when she is more relaxed.

The baby’s movements are the product of noise and sound and after the mother eats, because by processing glucose, the little one is activated.

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So if the mother does not move within 4 hours despite having eaten or accommodating herself in various positions, then she should go to the doctor immediately. The doctor will check your heart and check that everything is fine.

  • You must go to the doctor with urgency when

  • When 4 hours have passed and it doesn’t move

  • If the mother falls and the baby stops moving

  • If the baby does not stop moving and the mother experiences a lot of pain

  • If the belly becomes hard or paralyzed

  • The best self-diagnostic test

Every time you eat breakfast or lunch, let 1 hour pass and then sit in a comfortable position, put your hand on the belly and start counting the movements of the little one.

Do this exercise daily and you will begin to get to know your baby and his rhythm of movement. When this daily rhythm is altered and you do not feel any movement in an hour, you should call the doctor.

Movement is associated with the baby’s health, it is necessary and normal if it does not appear is a serious alarm signal.

Consult your doctor if you have any questions.

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