Doctors And The Abuse Of Power

A personal health experience made me observe how people abuse their power in the face of people’s ignorance and vulnerability. Knowledge gives power … Do you use it or abuse it?

You arrive at a clinic at night with severe pain, an injury, or some bleeding. And the first thing you see is many people equal to or more distressed than you. You want to be treated immediately, but you can’t. First you must fill out all the paperwork that is required to enter, as well as pay for the service in advance. You do not explain how it can be more relevant to settle this than to be attended to promptly.

And when you manage to pass, you face other things and sensations: fear, pain, loneliness, anguish … In short, a set of conflicting emotions that make you see the hospital as a chilling place and, yet and at the same time, as a very safe site.

Abuse of authority

This I had to live a few days ago, because I was forced to enter the emergency area of ​​the hospital. Where, in general, I can say that I had the fortune of meeting very human professional people: doctors, nurses, orderlies, cooks, cleaning personnel, all of different ages and experience.

Unfortunately, I also came across a couple of people who, abusing their position and the vulnerability of the patients, assault them physically and psychologically; They said phrases like: “And you, why are you here?”, “You should be cured at your place of residence”, “You are here because you want to, no one went for you”, “You can’t take anything”. These and other comments had to be endured throughout our stay by my roommates and I.

When thinking about the reason for these attitudes, several options arose: they do not like their profession, they are sleepy, they are tired, they work only for money and not for vocation, they have been treated so badly that the moment they have a little power they will take the opportunity to get even a little …

And then it made me reflect that this cannot be exclusive to those who are dedicated to the world of health, but can be applied in any trade or profession; in fact, it is something that some parents apply with their children consciously and unconsciously.

Have you ever fallen into any of these attitudes? Have you abused your power to retaliate for what has been done to you? Have you abused your knowledge to annoy someone?

What can we do to avoid abusing others?

1. Develop a spirit of service

If you have children or a profession on which third parties depend, do your best, because there is nothing more comforting than getting up every day and saying: “Today I will do better than yesterday.” Take into account that the trade and profession, your marriage and being a mother … were choices that you were inclined to feel with a vocation, by desire or by your abilities.

2. Watch what you say, and how you say it

Do not judge people, you do not know the root of their behavior, actions or problems. When one goes with another person to be helped or oriented, it is because they require help, not sermons and disqualifications. Consider that just as other people require your knowledge today, tomorrow you may need theirs.

3. Don’t bring your personal conflicts to work

Something very healthy and rarely done is leaving professional problems or intimate conflicts aside. What happens to you as an individual is your business. So when you have a concern, take it in your hands and put it aside, then you will have time to return to it and apply yourself to its solution.

For many people it is quite difficult to use these points, but believe me, they can be of great help for you and others, especially when it comes to interacting with other people. Now I understand why doctors are dressed in white … because they are angels in disguise.


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