Do Your Children Have Their Own Smartphone? Control Everything They Do With It Through These Fabulous Applications

There are parental control applications that come to ease the task of taking care of our children from the dangers of the internet.

It is increasingly common for children to have access to mobile phones. There are certain ages in which the child should be supervised at all times regarding the use of her cell phone. There are parental control applications that come to ease the task of taking care of our children from the dangers of the internet.

While it is true that it is not entirely good for a child or adolescent to be in front of the cell phone screen for many hours a day, it is also true that today little ones are naturally attracted to technology. My children have access to my cell phone since they are little because I play them some songs, or I show them videos and I have even installed some children’s games applications. I restrict the time, which is usually a few minutes a day, since they are very small, and I am constantly monitoring what they play. However, when children grow older, some parents give them smartphones or tablets and there must be greater control.

The danger for minors who freely surf the web is that there is little regulation of content suitable for minors and that it seems that the web is a world where everything is possible. In a single click, children can access sites that are not very suitable for their age and can even contact strangers on social networks.

There are parental control applications that can help you take care of your child and protect him from the dangers of the internet. Depending on the age of their child, each parent will be able to regulate and evaluate how much protection they need without losing their own freedom. Of course, if your son is 8 years old it will not be the same as if he is 17; adolescents do not like to feel besieged, however you as a parent have a duty to ensure their safety, without making them feel besieged.

The following applications must be installed on your child’s mobile. Some have a password so that they cannot be uninstalled from the cell phone.

# 1 Qustodio

As its name implies, it is one of the best custodians for your children on the net. This application blocks the use of some applications, and controls almost all the activities that your child does with the cell phone. It is one of the most complete parental control applications, and you have the option of not allowing uninstallation from the phone, in case a child tries to do so to evade their parents’ control.

# 2 don’t ignore me

This app can be the nightmare of some teens. Many adolescents tend not to answer the insistent calls of their parents, but this tool can make them stop that behavior. The «Ignore no more» application allows you to completely block your child’s phone if he does not answer our calls and only enables him to call our number or the emergency number. When our son resigns to answer or call us, we can give him the password to reset his smartphone again.

# 3. Kid’s place

For the little ones, who love to touch our phone and put their fingers where they shouldn’t, this application gives us a break. If you ever forget your phone on the table and your little one finds it, having this application activated will block all the sites and programs that you do not want your child to touch. Also, when installed on the tablet of the little ones in the house, it allows setting a limit to their activities or using different profiles.

# 4. To dinner !!

How many times do you call your children for dinner and they don’t come right away because they are with their mobile or tablet? this application will bring them to the table quickly. The “Dinner Time” establishes programmed pauses where the phone locks and cannot be used for the period of time that you have it, until you re-enter a password that you have previously provided. Teen moms score!

Although these applications come to the aid of parents in the 20th century! Good communication with your child and a good education can make a difference. And a good combination of the two will be even better.

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