Do Your Children A Favor: Rescue The Relationship With Your Parents

Rescuing the relationship with your parents harmonizes everything around you, loving them is the best gift we can give our children, since they will learn from us the treatment that should be given to the elderly and our family

The paternal relationship derives from more than four thousand years ago, with the command given to Moses: “Honor your father and your mother, so that your days may be extended in the land that Jehovah your God gives you.” (Exodus 20:12). This implies not just a heavenly commandment, but a way of life. This ordinance mentions that respecting our parents is not only with your words; It goes beyond going to see them every weekend or on their birthday, it implies a commitment of responsibility, support and love. Therefore, I invite you to return to the important points in your paternal relationship:

  1. Follow their advice. When you are young, you just want to be around your friends. Usually we put aside our family relationship: we always believe that our best friend is the one from the university or someone else who listens to our problems and in their immaturity, as in ours, we believe that their advice is the most wise , without knowing that the best advice a person can get is the one that comes from the lips of their mother or father, who with their experience and years of experience, will always have the right answer at the right time.

  2. Revive interest. Seeks to talk about the things that interest them, remember old times lived, moments of happiness or overcome setbacks. Remember the special moments, Christmas, or birthdays that they have had and that have remained in your memory.

  3. Understand their maturity. They reach an age that begins to be more sentimental and stubborn, we must respect them, since as the saying goes “how you look I saw me and how you see me you will see me.” With so many things they have experienced, their hearts accumulate feelings that at the end of the road exceed them in their character and although they may sometimes make inappropriate comments, do not make fun of them: they are so intelligent that they realize that they Sometimes you look down on them, but they love you so much that they pretend nothing happens.

  4. Share important moments. It is always good to remember that what we are as adults largely depends on the support that our parents gave us at the time. Do not forget that it is very important for them that they are taken into account in the decisive moments of our lives such as your wedding, your children’s birthday, a graduation or simply dedicating a day to go out for a coffee or a ice cream, like when you were little.

  5. Give something special. For every parent it is important to feel that the children take the time to share something special with them. Even if there is no date to celebrate, coming home and telling your mother: “I bought you this plant that I think you will like” or your father saying: “I read this book that I think you will be interested in” for more As simple as the gift, you will remind them that they are still special in your life.

  6. Don’t be stubborn about their flaws. When we reach middle age, we think we know everything about life and we clearly realize the defects that our parents have had throughout our relationship. This is the most normal since our parents are not super human: they are simply people to whom no one told them how to educate their children and they did the best they could. Try to have these points clearly so that you do not transmit them to your children, but it is also important to know that at the end of your journey you will know that you have also failed and that I can assure you, it is part of the experience of being human.

Time is the silent criminal who threatens the lives of young people. Sometimes we lose perspective on things, and we believe that the goal of life is to obtain a stable economy, or to achieve job triumphs and, therefore, we put aside the pleasant conversation with our parents, which will always strengthen our projects and long and short term wishes. That is why I invite you to learn to share our lives with them, continue asking for advice and thus we will make them feel that they are still important to us. We never reject a call, or a dinner date with our parents, since we do not know if it will be the last one we can enjoy. Our children will be reflected in us and thus we will be sowing the seeds that we will reap when old age comes into our lives and they want to continue sharing their time with us. Honor your father and mother and you will live long. If this message helped you in something, share it: maybe we will make a father happy.

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