Do You Want Your Children To Be Successful? Learn To Strengthen Your Self-esteem

Low self-esteem can separate your child from success in life.

I came to believe that my son had high self-esteem or at least that he had enough self-esteem not to let himself be humiliated by negative criticism. However, not long ago I realized that it was not like that, that he needs to work to strengthen his confidence, security and self-esteem.

It was a great disappointment for me to accept that my son was not loved and valued, even that he was unable to defend himself against the humiliation and offenses of his wife after they had argued.

Today I know that self-esteem in children should always be fostered and not only in childhood, since negative experiences cause an imbalance and devaluation in self-love.

A single phrase can destroy or strengthen you 

You suck! or You are very intelligent! They are very different phrases that have the power to change your thoughts and beliefs.

For this reason, I share with you the way to raise self-esteem in your children, to ensure that in the future they will be able to defend themselves and love themselves as they are.

1. Who is the person you love the most?

With this question my son began his process to regain his confidence and self-esteem.

It is important to reflect on this because the person you should love the most is yourself, otherwise you will be reflecting a lack of self-love.

With the help of introspection, reflection and control of emotions, my son rediscovered his abilities, benefits and virtues, becoming convinced of the great ability he has to conquer his dreams.

2. An imaginary barrier

It is about putting on a shield against contempt, aggressiveness or negative criticism. Regardless of what people think, you must have complete confidence in what you do.

My son learned to accept when he is wrong and to correct his mistakes and thus has strengthened his self-confidence.

3. New challenges and challenges

Life is full of challenges and in order to achieve our dreams and goals we have to strengthen our self-esteem.

My son is studying agronomic engineering, he is a husband and soon a father, so he constantly has to face new challenges and goals. This has helped you recognize your potential, avoid creating unreachable expectations, and recognize and validate your emotions.

4. Surrounded by love

It is so important to live surrounded by love and to be in a harmonious place to feel safe and accepted.

The family plays a fundamental role, since it is the one that will recognize the successes of the children and the one that will motivate them to achieve their goals.

Of course, positive thoughts, inspirational quotes, and recognition are powerful useful tools for building self-esteem and confidence.

How can you love someone if you don’t love yourself?

This is the key question to recognize that self-esteem must be strengthened at all times and that we must constantly work to be happy. Just like me, help your child and always support yourself with your family and specialists.

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