Do You Want To Know How To Teach Your Children To Be Trustworthy? Find Out By Reading This Article

If you are one of those people who thinks that values ​​such as honesty no longer exist, read this article and I will help you cultivate honesty in your family.

Because of the situation in the world, we often say that we have gradually forgotten the values ​​that our grandparents taught our parents and that they in turn instilled in us.

Dishonesty is the “daily bread” in both homes and schools. And I am not referring to a specific country: each and every one of us at some point has been victims or perpetrators of the lack of it, which has caused the rates of theft and insecurity to increase every day.

As parents, we strive to teach our children the values ​​that we receive from the family that raised us. However, at some point that rigor in education was lost. It’s not that dishonesty is exclusive to these times, it has always existed. But today it is more necessary and urgent to resume the paths of honesty and thus prevent us from ending up against each other.

What do we gain from being trustworthy?

Many things, for example: avoid a number of problems at any stage of our lives, get people to trust us, at work we will win the trust of our bosses or leaders, as a family, relationships will be optimal and of a quality immense; and this is just to expose some benefits.

Here is a list of some ways to teach your children to be trustworthy and at the same time help us discover whether or not we are worthy of it:

Children learn by example

If your child sees you taking something that is not yours or telling a lie, it is possible that later he will do it, and when you want to correct it he will feel confused if it is small or will question your moral authority if it is something big. Think that reinforcing your teachings with that moral authority is one of the things that makes you most trustworthy.

Keep all your promises

Your children will be trustworthy if they trust you. Do not promise things that you will not be able to fulfill and as long as you give your word, be loyal to it, even if your life is going on with it. The same applies to threats of punishment and disciplinary measures.

Be loyal to your values ​​always

Regardless of the circumstances, always remain steadfastly true and true to your own word and values. Many of us have a difficult economic situation at the present time, despair can lead us to do the wrong things; don’t give in to temptation. If necessary, talk to someone who can help you at that time. Bad situations, as well as good ones, don’t last forever.

Respect derives from trust

Just as the respect we have for other people is largely due to the fact that we trust that person, which makes us admire them and use them as an example of honesty, in the same way people who respect us do so because there are many aspects in which they trust us. People who over time show that they are not trustworthy, miss opportunities and are not well liked by others.

Live by your moral code

You cannot live in any other way. If you tell your child: “You don’t smoke at home,” the logical thing is that you don’t smoke at home yourself. Think how egregious it would be for your family to find out that you have lied or cheated. How would you feel?

Be consistent

Make sure what you think is reflected in how you act and what you say. Without much to say, if you think that it is not good to invent a gossip about someone, do not open your mouth to do it and avoid people who behave that way; Always keep in mind the values ​​that you were taught and act according to what they dictate.

It is not difficult to be someone to trust, it is just a matter of being attentive to every step we take in our life. The temptation will be present trying to filter through any space you leave, but like all temptation has its weak side, the best thing you can do is turn your face in another direction and follow the right path, that path that many struggle to follow but that sometimes it gets difficult. However, persisting in your values ​​in the end will give you great satisfaction.

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