Do You Want To Have Enviable Hair? Avoid These 5 Common Errors

It is very easy to have healthy hair. Learn not to make these common mistakes.

Most of us women want to have long, smooth, shiny and beautiful hair, to feel beautiful and attractive. However, despite buying thousands of expensive treatments, the results are not as expected, as some people make mistakes in the shower causing their hair to look unhealthy.

To achieve an enviable head of hair, avoid making these common mistakes:

1. Water temperature

With the cold in the morning, it is normal for many women to choose to shower with hot or almost boiling water, so as not to feel cold (myself included). However, the high temperature of the water causes the scalp to dry out, increasing the porosity of the hair giving it a brittle appearance, since the hot water removes the oils and natural moisture from the scalp. It even subtracts the volume and movement.

It is recommended to use warm water to open the hair cuticles for good results when you apply shampoo and conditioner. In addition, it will seal in moisture and shine, since cold water closes the cuticle scales.

2. Lots of shampoo

It is a pleasure to feel the foam cover all the hair, it is thought that it will be perfectly clean, however, excess foam does not help to deepen the cleaning, a high foam production indicates the presence of sulfates and other detergent agents, which are too aggressive for the scalp.

Fortunately, they are not toxic, but it causes the hair to lack its natural fat, which causes dandruff to appear. The ideal is to buy organic shampoos without less amount of sulfates, silicones and parabens among other components. It is recommended to use a small amount of shampoo, the size of a small spoon.

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3. Wash your hair quickly

Due to the rush and daily activities, some women wash their hair in less than 5 minutes, however, doing so will prevent the shampoo and conditioner from working. It is advisable to give a light massage on the scalp with the fingertips and in circular movements, starting with the top and ending towards the nape, to improve circulation, and thus make the hair look healthy with its natural oils .

4. Do not use conditioner

With the false belief that conditioners cause hair to weaken and fall out more easily, some women do not apply conditioner, however, the scalp needs to regain its removed oils after applying the shampoo, so your hair it will look dry and dull. Remember to apply conditioning only to the middle and ends and not to apply it to the entire scalp.

The function of the conditioner is to protect the hair, reducing dehydration, reducing the impact of injuries caused by the sun, dryers or irons. When you apply conditioner your hair will be stronger, more resistant and will have shine, movement, elasticity and softness.

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5. Wash your hair daily

The experts suggest avoiding daily washing hair with shampoo, as chemicals, causing the hair sebum, dehydrate, break and reduce their movement and softness. So they advise letting one or two days go by without cleaning it to get the scalp to produce its natural oil to keep it hydrated and strong.

Clear! You must take into account exposure to the sun and external agents, also when your hair is dyed (remember that wash after wash the color falls off).

Remember to avoid making these common mistakes to achieve good results. Having healthy hair is very simple and easy.


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