Do You Want To Be Happier? This Video Will Give You A Good Hint

This life offers us many counterfeits, crude imitations of happiness. But do you really want to be happier? Then you MUST watch this video.

I don’t know if you have asked yourself that question: What is the purpose of your life? Many of my friends think they are here to pass some kind of test. And so they think of life as duty. I do not know if that is the purpose of this existence, but I have for me that whoever sees life from that perspective, in the long run will end up long hours trying to get a psychiatrist to explain the meaning of life, or make him see That they didn’t scam him: he scammed himself.

There are men for them to have joy

Since ancient Greece, men were classified as hedonic or stoic: it is the struggle between being and ought to be: The former sought happiness in pursuit of pleasures, the latter avoided passions and sought an ascetic life. And both schools had different ramifications, but both, already due to deprivation and due to joy, had a common goal: to seek happiness. Yes: men exist so that they may have joy.

If you, reader, live, you make duty the center of your life, just take care that it does not rob you of the joy of living. If, on the contrary, you live looking for pleasure, look for those pleasures that give you happiness, not those that rob you of happiness. Pleasures are always a dangerous slope, as Seneca said ( Letters to Lucilio , XXIII, p. 93): «Pleasure is a slope by which we slide towards pain, if before we do not arm ourselves with solid principles and a goal to achieve ». Having a purpose, having goals, is essential to be able to be happy. But let’s go back to joy and pleasures:

The simple pleasures of life

These are the ones that give us true joy: living with the family, enjoying a sunset, contemplating the innocence of children, enjoying a job well done, feeling in communion with the Creator. Happiness, finally, resides in the interior of man and joy is found when it comes out. How? Watch this video. It will amaze you and yes: it may change your life. After all, gratitude will always be the foundation of a happy life.

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