Do You Think Angels Exist? 3 Stories That Prove It (it Happened To You Too)

Do you believe in angels? 3 stories that will prove to you that they are real.

The Seventy percent of US residents believe in the existence of angels, even if science denies it . The word angel means messenger, and the popular belief is that these heavenly beings are messengers of peace and love. Have you had the opportunity to see an angel in your life? Read on and be surprised to find that an angel has already visited you.

Before being born

One of my favorite stories that my mother has told me more than once is how she chose what she was going to call me when I was born (she was not pregnant yet and was undergoing treatments for some complications that did not allow her to carry a pregnancy I finish it).

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During a rainy night, she was in the business that she had with my aunt, when a bad-looking man, very poor and totally soaked by the rain, entered and addressing my mother, he asked her to give him something to eat. Without thinking twice, she heated him a soup and gave him some bread. She pulled out a jacket they had for sale at the store and handed it to her. The man said practically nothing, he just finished eating, got up and while he was going to the exit, he turned around and told my mother that in a couple of weeks she was going to find out that she was pregnant, that she would have a girl and to call her Mariel.

Surprised, my mother was as petrified without saying anything; When she reacted, she went out after her to try to find out more about the unexpected revelation, but she could no longer find it.

Two weeks later, she found out that she was indeed pregnant and had a girl whom she named Mariel.

Angels are those beings that, although science does not recognize them, appear in our lives almost as if by magic and leave us a message that we are needing just at that moment when hopes or forces seem to want to abandon us. Maybe they don’t look like in paintings or movies, maybe no light comes out of their body, they don’t have wings, but they are as real as you and me.

Already on earth

When my oldest daughter was born, she had a heart problem and needed a very expensive medicine that we couldn’t afford. We went to the pharmacy to see if there was any way that health insurance could cover the cost, but it was a resounding no. In the midst of despair, an older man much like my husband’s grandfather (who had passed away) approached him and said that he was going to pay for my daughter’s medication.

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We never knew where he came from or who he was, and although he had no wings, we will always remember him as the angel who emerged from nowhere to help us when we needed him the most.

I am sure that your life has been visited at least once by an angel of those who do not have wings, but who bring that message of hope that you are needing.

After this life

Just a few months ago, my grandmother became one of those angels. She left this world, and I did not have the opportunity to say goodbye, however, her presence in my life is constant, and denying that she is my guardian angel is like denying my own existence.

Surely you also have at least one angel in your life. If you look closely, you will see that your life may be full of angels. That person who gave you the seat on the bus when you were no longer tired, that stranger who wished you luck without knowing you, that friend who does a lot that you don’t see and who showed up when you needed him most, that hug or unexpected call from your mother to know how you were, that song that suddenly they put on the radio and tells you what you needed to hear, that feeling of company even when you are alone, these are our angels, the angels that reveal to us the message we need in the most difficult of our lives.

Angels are as real as you and me. Remember that you too can be the angel that someone else needs.


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