Do You Know Why You Can’t Remember Anything That Happened To You Before The Age Of 3?

There are various theories about the reasons why we do not remember events in our daily lives when we were very young. Read on to find out what they are.

Despite the enormous capacity for learning that human beings have, you probably cannot remember anything about your life before your 3 or 4 years of age. There are various theories about the reasons why we do not remember events in our daily lives when we were very young. Read on to find out what they are.

It is known as “infantile amnesia” to that period of our lives that goes from when we are born to the first years of our childhood in which we do not remember anything about our daily lives. There are several factors that cause these memories to be lost, however early childhood is the period of our lives in which our brain acts like a sponge and accumulates a large amount of knowledge and experiences that will serve for adult life.

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1. Your brain was not developed

Probably if you remember something from your childhood it is because they have repeatedly told you that story, or have shown you photos. Then you may be confused and think that you remember it, but the truth is that before the age of three our brain is not too developed to be able to retain certain memories. That is why over the years the memories become present and you can retain your experiences. Around the year of a human life, the prefrontal cortex of the brain does not fully mature until approximately 20 years of age, and scientists believe that this is precisely the area of ​​the brain that allows us to create memories of moments lived in the past .

2. Limited language

Before 2 or 3 years it is difficult for a child to convert their memories into words, but when memory and language come together it is easier for the memory mechanisms to be activated and that is something that facilitates memory. After you can put things, objects, moments, feelings into words, the brain begins to articulate in another way and memories begin to be fixed.

3. You couldn’t contextualize

When we are very young we have no sense of context. The perspective of things and moments change as we grow. Even if you have lived in the same house forever, your perspective changed and it took several years – and several neural connections – for you to understand and understand the context in which you were.

4. You had no sense of “I”

The sense of self appears over time. No baby recognizes herself at birth, but thinks she is part of her mother (hence the attachment and the need for permanent contact). When we are babies it is not easy to save memories if we do not yet recognize ourselves as independent and individual beings.

Still, you may have childhood memories before age 3 or 4, and these are probably induced memories. A memory is induced when someone tells you a story several times, or always shows you photographs. Has it happened to you that you think of a memory and you are not sure if you remember it or they told you about it? It also often happens that if you have had an exciting or shocking moment in your life you can remember it and it has remained forever etched in your memory.

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The experiences are marked by fire in our body and spirit. Even if you cannot explicitly remember something that happened to you in your early childhood, you surely carry a lot of what you experienced in your “backpack of life.” As parents we must ensure that our children’s childhood is as harmonious and respectful as possible because, even if they do not remember later, love and good treatment will be marked forever. And you, do you remember anything from when you were very little?

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