Do You Know Who Is The Only One Who Will Be With You Through Thick And Thin? Your Mother

His arms and his heart cradle your stories. She is the one who will never let you down.

He sheltered us in his thoughts, in his belly, in his arms, in his being. In that order and forever. Our mother is the one who is there firm, despite adversity, to give us that smile that lets us breathe – and sigh. She is the one who, despite everything, will always accompany us.

There is no greater love than that of a mother for her child. Don’t you sometimes feel like you’ve been ungrateful to her? Looking back, I see the suffering in my mother’s eyes when I have disappointed her; the same one that troubles me when I feel like I’m failing as a mother.

Certainly the maternity it is a path that is made by walking. And as mothers, we constantly learn from our children. For this reason, sometimes, although we feel that we fail, that we make mistakes, and that we cannot go back in time, we make ourselves a shell to make up for what happened, and continue.

Yes, your mother has made mistakes. And surely they are the same ones that you do not want to commit with your children. But it is she who, with her great heart and inordinate love, is always there to gather your broken pieces and cradle your miseries.

It is she who decodes your being

You have been part of his body. And her heart beats in yours. That woman knows you more than anyone, and loves you with a deep love that you can surely imagine, because it is the same that you give your children today.

Despite the friction, the fights or the discrepancy in some aspects, his arms are always open to support you, to re-merge into one being, as when you were inside his belly.

She decodes your feelings and knows who you are. Your mother is proud to see you so loose, so womanly, so shrewd. And even though you feel like you don’t need her as much as before, to them you are still that sweet-voiced girl who called out her name. And believe me, when you are in bad times she will be the only person capable of silencing the hardships of your heart.

Honor her in life

Honoring your mother is one of the commandments of life. Don’t wait for her to be old, sick or gone. Honor your mother today. Honoring her is feeling grateful for all that she has done, and repaying it in concrete and daily actions.

Learn from his advice, tell him things softly and rspicy,Talk to her about your concerns and wishes, and spend quality time enjoying each other’s company. She will always be with you unconditionally; Make sure you appreciate every moment that life gives you with her and make the most of it.

Your mother is the only one who will be in the bad

Long ago I witnessed how a friend who had a near perfect life, suddenly saw her illusions completely crumble. She was happy with her life, a luxurious job and a very chivalrous and handsome boyfriend whom she would soon marry.

She hardly had time for her mother, who always called her to see her and meet her at least once a week. Her daughter told her that she was very busy and that they would arrange to see each other. But this happened once or twice a month. I, who knew that woman, saw disappointment in her eyes, mixed with the happiness of knowing that her daughter was being happy. Still, he missed her and wanted to see her more often.

Suddenly, one day everything changed. The girl lost her job and her boyfriend left her overnight. She could no longer pay the rent for the apartment and her projects were truncated. And do you know who was there to hold her? His mother, who gave him shelter again in her home, putting aside any reproach. Now was the time to love her daughter without objection.

Mother’s tears

Now that you ‘re a mother ,You understand that your mother has shed tears of emotion for you. Never let your tears be disappointment or sadness. There is nothing more comforting than feeling our hearts filled with the love of our children.

I want to share with you a poem by the Argentine José Pedroni, dedicated to his mother. Few lines are enough to summarize what a mother’s heart feels. She is the one who will always be with you, through thick and thin. Share it with your mother and with all the women who feel pride and unconditional love for their children.

“He gave us with all his soul, as the tree gives branches

and like the birds nest

And now, unintentionally,

cry when he has us, cry when we leave,

and cries with joy when he sees us again “

Jose Pedroni

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