Do You Have A Curmudgeonly Husband? Things To Do

If this is the case, perhaps he is not to blame, because just as we find the answers to our emotional swings in our hormonal changes, the gentlemen, although they do not know it, also have an argument alone

Men always complain about women, and they do it with such conviction that it seems that they are perfect, but I tell them not a bit. Any woman can attest to what I am saying, dealing with the comings and goings of our husbands’ mood swings is often a full-time job, especially since even if they are away from home they may be great businessmen, or hard-working employees once inside behave like tantrums at the slightest provocation.

If you want to meet Andrés, live with him for a month, there is a popular saying that explains precisely how things change once we face the daily life of a couple. However, and although it seems that I am lining up arms to destroy the male reputation, I tell you that it is not the case. In fact, what I want is first of all that you answer the question that gives its name to this writing, Do you have a curmudgeonly husband?

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Well I tell you that if this is the case, perhaps he is not to blame, because just as we find in our hormonal changes the responses of our emotional swings, the gentlemen, although they do not know or are aware of it, also have a solid argument to justify a lot of its actions, and it’s called a lack of testosterone. So important is that low levels are associated with poor memory, inattention and even aggressive behavior, even if it is believed to be the other way around.

What you should know

Symptoms of a lack of testosteroma

Regardless of what it is, it is always necessary to identify the problem we are facing, so before reaching conclusions in advance I share the main signs of this problem:

  • Sudden mood swings

  • Lack of energy, desire, and sexual ability

  • Hypersensitivity

  • Aggression and intolerance

  • Anxiety and depression, the most common.

Environmental factors that affect testosterone levels

The loss of status in their social position, aging, zinc deficiency, hypogonadism (a disorder that causes the testicles to be non-functional), ingesting natural or artificial antiandrogens, and also the consumption of licorice, this plant commonly used in the preparation of culinary and industrial products, radiation, hormonal disorders, chronic diseases.

When it happens?

In general, the problem begins to occur after the age of forty, at least that is what the studies carried out let us know, and it is a question that unfortunately is increasing.

When the deficiency reaches a high quantity, andropause takes place, which is neither more nor less than male menopause. But of course it is not exclusive to this age.

How to deal with it?

First of all it is important that you clear your doubts, and there is no better way to do that than going to a specialist, an endocrinologist can be of help, although that will be decided by your family doctor.

In addition to a physical exam to check the abundance of hair on your body, size of the mammary glands, and the consistency and size of the testicles, blood tests are required.

The role of handcuffs

Dealing with difficult temperaments beyond what originates them is quite complicated, however through thick and thin it is a promise that we must take very seriously when we truly love someone. Patience, commitment and tolerance are essential.

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Informing ourselves to act from the understanding is the most appropriate, in addition to of course seeking help, because if we only wear ourselves out on the problem and not on the solution, sooner or later we will give up.

I think empathy is one of the great virtues of us women, we can be accused of many things, but our ability to love is more than demonstrated. That is why if your husband is a curmudgeon, before despairing and losing patience you should consider that perhaps it is not her, but her body that is showing you its worst face.

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