Do You Feel A Void In Your Life? This Will Fill It Up, And Spice Up Your Existence

In an increasingly rapid and meaningless society, we all need a place and a space of peace and seclusion. If you want to know how to achieve it, keep reading.

Let me tell you the story of a man I met a few years ago. He would come home from work, open the windows, turn on the TV at full volume, and at the same time turn on his stereo at full volume. Aha: from far away his neighbors had to listen to what he heard. I wondered why I put both devices at such a volume that you couldn’t distinguish one from the other; at a volume where it was only noise. When I got to know him better, I think I understood: There was such a void in his life, he was so afraid of loneliness that he tried to fill that void with noise.

When you desperately need communion with the divine

The second story is about something that happened to me when I was young. I understood the concept very well: “Sabbath day” and tried to keep the commandments. But in one of many, I lost my job, and my new employer told me that the only way to rest on the Sabbath was for us to meet a certain production goal. For two weeks I tried to work very hard and to encourage the rest of the team to reach the goal, but we did not achieve it.

At the beginning of the third week I made a very sincere prayer: “Father, you know that I have always kept the Sabbath holy. Help me so that this week we can finish on time and I can go to church next Sunday ». And all week I tried to work harder than ever, continually praying and encouraging my colleagues. But on Saturday night, when I got off work, my boss told me, “We almost met the goal, but we didn’t make it, we’re going to work tomorrow.” That night I prayed and almost claimed in my prayer. Why was it that, if I had worked so hard, if I had done my part, had I not received help from on high to keep a commandment?

The next morning, ready to go to work, my boss called to tell me we were not going to work. I ran to church; if I hurried, I would be in time for Sunday services. I arrived just as the congregation was singing the opening hymn. I will never forget what the lyrics told me: «I know that my Lord lives. Consolation is being able to know that he lives to bless and before God ask for me … »

The rest that comes from the sacred

Now let me put the two stories together: We all need a place of refuge, a place of recollection, a place of peace. Who does not have a sense of the sacred, fills that gap with noise, which leaves it even more empty. Who does, seeks to fill it with the presence of the sacred.

Not long ago I was reading Charles R. Swindoll. I was impressed to find in his words the following phrase: “God presents us to the Sabbath as a refuge to which we can enter.” We live in a world that is too fast-paced. Life is getting faster. I dare to suggest that the observance of the Sabbath invites us to stop. It invites us to rest. I believe that spending it in front of a screen is losing a wonderful opportunity to enter into communion with the divine, to admire the beauty and abundance of this world, to become closer to our family.

A commandment that is a blessing

Whenever I think about it, it amazes me that even the Lord Himself, after creating the earth in six days, rested on the seventh day. The gift of having a day of rest, a day to worship God, a day to enjoy the company of your family and to bond with them, should be treasured. Blessed is the person who honors this day. I had just read a series of articles entitled The 10 Commandments in Today’s Society, and I was thinking about that statistic, which indicates that only one person in ten can list (no longer obey, but even remember) the ten commandments by heart.

My invitation to you is very simple: talk to your boss and try to rest on Sunday; value this day as an opportunity to join your family with our Father; get away for a day from playful technology; it seeks to be more than a mere statistic. I assure you that keeping the Sabbath day is something that will add flavor to your life, and will fill you with spiritual energy to face the difficulties of the week with integrity.

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