Do We Choose To Bring A Baby Into The World Or Do They Choose Us Before They Are Born? What Is Believed Of His Soul

Did they choose us? Since when has your soul been with your mother?

Believers or not, all moms have ever crossed their minds this question and other questions about the soul of our babies. Was it pre-established that we would be his parents? Did we promise them before they were born that we would bring them with us?

The experiences are countless and the feelings that each mother has about it vary, however, most moms have felt the soul of their babies with them from the moment of conception.

The truth is that there is no exact science behind this, since science only studies the empirically demonstrable. Although there are some somewhat grounded theories that there would be a separation between the physical body and the soul or spirit, there is very little that science can contribute on the subject.

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What do other moms tell?

As I searched through the fascinating information, it was not what some experts say that caught me, but what the moms tell and how each of them has lived it. Some with almost identical experiences and in opposite parts of the world.

«I believe that the soul of babies enters the physical body at any time after conception. I also believe that the souls of my children were always destined to be my children ”, nickle730.

“My mom also believes that babies are more connected to the spiritual world than we want to give her credit for. How often do we not see babies giggling while looking at something over your shoulder and you know there is no one there? And over time, as his connection with his physical body grows, that is disappearing “, shares one of the mothers in Belly Belly, a forum for moms to ask questions and answers.

Mary Kretzmann, author of an article that talks about the subject, says: “I loved children, and we wanted to start a family sometime near. Also, I had recently worked in a kindergarten and it was inevitable to realize its individuality; (their differences) seemed to go far beyond what the parents might have influenced their formations since their birth. The behavior of some of these children could only be explained by accepting that they were born that way.

Although they are brothers and have grown up under the same roof, they are different

If there were no soul that would differentiate us from others, all those born and raised under the same roof, we should think in the same way, behave the same, and act with at least a lot of similarity. However, there are brothers who do not seem to come from the same side.

My daughters look very alike physically, but they couldn’t be more opposite in their ways. Since I was waiting for both of them, the way they moved inside my belly, and the feeling that they radiated, made me perceive them the way they are today. One with the largest and noblest heart in the world, without a hint of evil, and the other tremendously impulsive and self-confident, who would not hesitate to take the world ahead.

We choose our families before we are born

As expressed in I am Spiritual, “the soul of a baby chooses the parents and the family where it will be born up to 3 months before conception.” With this belief, they try to discard the famous phrase that many of us have used with our parents when we were angry about something: “I did not ask you to bring me into the world. I did not choose you to be my mother.

Well, apparently, if we clung to this belief, we could no longer defend ourselves with that phrase so used to hurt our parents.

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What does the bible say?

According to one of the scriptures of the Bible, Jeremiah 1: 5 «Before I formed you in your mother’s womb I knew you. Before you were born I sanctified you, I gave you a prophet to the nations.

This scripture, as well as many others, bear witness to believers that God has known us from before we are born and that there is a separation between body and soul.

I believe that all moms can perceive that something so special from the moment we find out that we are expecting a baby and, sometimes, before this happens. Maybe science and religions do not have a unanimous answer, but all moms know that we have known this little person since before the first beat of her heart.


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