Do Not Fear Getting Old, Fear Not Living

Since you are born you are aging, so enjoy each day as if it were the last.

This morning my mother made a comment that made me think. She told me: ” People celebrate birthdays as if they were a big event, when in reality what happens is that they are getting old . She has her point, I will not deny it, but because I or she does not like to celebrate our birthday with great fanfare, it does not mean that other people cannot.

Yes, I don’t like having a birthday. That thing about celebrating that I have one year less to live, like I am not very enthusiastic about it. My problem is not old age, it is much more complicated than that or death. Moreover, if I am lucky and healthy, I would like to reach 70 or more; without making trouble for anyone, of course.

The point is that I want to give my life a meaning. I do not want to just reach old age like that; that is not living, that is just occupying a space in the world and voila. Life for a person to old age should be much more than being born, growing up, reproducing and dying.

Live to old age, but with a meaning

Indeed, living goes far beyond these aspects. Furthermore, from the moment we are born there is the tangible possibility of dying; so life is fragile, but few are aware of it.

Some of those who are aware of their life spend their entire existence in fear of death. For them, dying is the loss of the opportunity to continue breathing. So this brings me to other questions: What do we do with our life? Do we really get the most out of it that we should?  The answer corresponds to each one of us.

The mystery of existing

The reality is a lot of mystery that not everyone understands. One day you can get up and spend all 24 hours without doing much more than going to the bathroom and turning on the computer to surf the web, you are still existing. But… is this really existing?

The reality is, no. You are supposed to come with a purpose, and the heart of the matter is that you manage to discover the meaning of your life. How is it achieved? Well, experimenting, wandering, falling and getting up again and again until you find that job or job with which you feel full and happy.

For some people the meaning of their life is to accumulate many material goods, for others it is to give their life to service altruistic, still others dream of having a great family, others want to give their lives completely to a religious belief, and so there are people all over the world pursuing a purpose that at the end of their days allows them to feel fulfilled, that tells them that their existence was worth it.

Let’s be like a good wine

We have all heard that wine, the older it is, the more quality and flavor it has. Well, that’s how we should do like good wine: age with quality.

How do you age with quality? Well, making life worthwhile, aging with dignity and acting according to our age. I know that over the years many people want to feel young again, and of course you can, as long as you do not forget that “wanting is not equal to being able.”

What do I mean that want is not equal to power? With that at 50 or 60 you no longer have the same strength as 20. You can still travel, exercise, find love again, study, as long as you are aware of your limitations.

You can always reach an advanced age, enjoying life to the fullest without putting ourselves at risk or ridicule.

Know how to burn stages

It is important that we know that with each age, there are experiences to live. Even if you feel young, it is not the same to ride a motorcycle dressed entirely in leather at 20 than at 55.

Neither love, education, or fun are restricted by age ; for nothing, only that you must ensure that everything you do is according to your strength and your age, so that you have aproductive old age , dignified and happy.

Not that “what will they say” matters or not; in fact, no one can control what others think or say about you. However, what is important is what you think and feel about yourself in each experience of your life.

In the end, what counts is what you lived and did for others

It is said that when we die, we remember every episode of our lives, everything. What you loved, served, taught, learned, shared, and even what you suffered; because of all that life is made.

That is why you have to make every day worth even a little. How to do it? You can live as you always do, follow your routine and as soon as you have an opportunity, help whoever needs it, read a good book – or a bad one – teach someone with one of your experiences, hug, kiss, love, say a loved one that you love.

All of this is important because from the moment we are born, we begin to age and we do not know when death will come to us or to the life of a loved one.

Do not fear getting old, fear what you stop doing because you are afraid.

Take a little risk, and when your intuition speaks loudly to you about not doing something, let yourself be guided, because only you are your best or worst enemy in life. And remember: Enjoy your life!

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