Do Not Argue With A Pregnant Woman: The Baby Needs Calm

Stress and anguish in pregnancy lead to problems for the unborn baby, such as low weight, premature delivery, or poor development.

I am an enemy of expressions such as “all women are crazy” or “women are very delicate” because they only perpetuate erroneous ideas that denigrate women, put them at a disadvantage, or, as in the case of this article, downplay health obstetric, putting the health of mother and child at risk.

For the vast majority of society, it is well known that many women will face at some point in their lives some challenge with their hormones, either from an imbalance or a radical change as occurs in pregnancy.

And from these hormonal imbalances arise those erroneous ideas that, if you listen to them or believe them, you could be skipping a medical check-up to rule out a health problem or simply be a little more empathetic and tolerant before the transformation from a woman to a mother than the baby will need.

When a life is gestated, profound chemical changes occur in the mother’s body

A few weeks after fertilization, a series of chemical changes, the product of hormones, begin to develop throughout the body of the future mother.

Pregnancy is not only about carrying a baby and carrying it to fruition in the womb, it is also about another process that will take longer, even after the baby is born: it is about a whole physical, emotional and mental transformation that prepares the woman to carry another being inside her, certainly.

But this goes even further: hormones are transforming a simple woman into a mother who can withstand the pain of childbirth, personal physical recovery  , and at the same time, milk production.

Meanwhile, the internal organs are re-accommodating, the mind is preparing to be attentive to the cry of the little one at any time, to recognize its smell and to establish powerful emotional bonds of care that last a lifetime; all the senses are honed and the primitive instinct flows and appears as never before.

Not easy if you think about it, right?

That is why the woman suffers a whirlwind of emotions, and from one moment to another she changes her mood. Just think this: your entire body is full of the hormone gonadotropin, which inhibits menstruation, but whose effects are felt with nausea, vomiting  and dizziness.

On the other hand, it increases the production of progesterone that has the function of preparing the uterus so that the embryo can nest for 9 months without being lost, and oxytocin that will favor the predisposition of caring for the baby. This hormone is responsible for awakening love and tenderness, which is why it is known as the hormone of love, and it is the one that most affects the mind and matures it until it becomes the mind of a mother.

There are so many more changes, countless of them! Prolactin also comes to produce milk and the thyroid that makes women much more active and sweaty … and the list would be long, but it is important to recognize these hormones and the changes they will produce so that everyone, not only men close to the future mother, they can understand a little what is going on and avoid stress, unnecessary upsets or fights above all else.

A mother needs calm not only for her but for the baby’s health because otherwise, the little being may suffer from any of the following health problems:

1 Delay in fetal development

When a pregnant woman is in constant stress, she can fall into chronic stress or even depression, and affect the baby along the way. This affectation can be clearly seen in fetal development, the baby stops growing at its own pace, it’s that simple.

2 Preterm delivery

The birth of a baby before week 37 is considered premature and can occur before the due date for various reasons; for example, chronic conditions, high blood pressure, injuries or trauma but many, curiously, are due to a strong impression, stress or anger.

 3 Low birth weight

A baby whose mother has been in constant arguments, stress, depression, or anxiety can have consequences for the baby’s low birth weight. The tension for long periods of time until the production of hormones is altered or inhibited, the consequence is that the little one does not receive everything they require, or even that they receive chemicals that damage their growth.

4 Poor brain development

The mother’s states of anger, stress, and anxiety directly influence the baby’s brain development. The aftermath of this is very serious indeed. When you talk about a baby and her life, you can see that nothing, absolutely, is more important than her.

If you pay attention, from a holistic perspective, all these problems have at the bottom the fear of reaching a hostile and aggressive world.

Who would want to reach a world where whose mother lives defending herself?

A mother requires time and tranquility to build a new being and rebuild as a mother. Avoid being around harmful people or avoid givingproblems to a future mother, do it for her and do it for the baby, the whole society will thank you.

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