Distant Mothers: The Need For Love In Children

All women can have children, but being a mother, is it made or is it born?

Daniela is about to turn 30 years old, she is a married woman, with children, professional and successful, so we might think that she is happy, but no. Despite being an adult and having achieved many of her goals in life, she still cannot feel complete. No matter how much time passes, she continues to resent her mother’s lack of displays of affection, which is why she often feels out of place.

When she became a mother for the first time, she promised herself not to make the mistakes of her mother, so every day she has been concerned with expressing and showing her love not only to her children, but also to her family and friends. Although no one has taught her to be a mother, no matter that she did not have an example of affection, she has looked for a way to overcome this situation and learn from it.

Why is feeling maternal love so important?

In the first stage of life, infants absorb all experiences as knowledge and begin to define their personality around them, so that children who do not receive love can develop aggressive behaviors or antisocial disorders in adolescence.

Maternal love is the first source of affection that the fetus receives since it is in the womb, that is, since its development begins. Various studies have shown that when cases of abandonment, neglect or rejection occur, most of the affected children make bad decisions in their future, be it an early sexual initiation, promiscuity, entering the world of drugs or delinquency, among others possibilities.

There will always be times when you feel tired, overwhelmed and even exhausted with the work of being a mother, but if you have the happiness of being a mother, do not abandon it. If you feel like your kids don’t realize how much you love them, then follow these simple tips and give them all your love in just 3 steps.

1. Kisses and hugs

The easiest way to show love is with sporadic big, tight hugs, without having to have reasons. The kisses also say I love you, especially those on the forehead as they are a sign of concern towards whoever receives it.

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2. Sweet words

Tell him that you love him, that he makes you proud, highlights his qualities and teach him to live with his flaws. Everything you say to her, even if it sometimes seems like she is not listening, will influence her life.

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3. Small details

Prepare your favorite dish one day a week, go for a walk to a square or spend at least an hour a day playing and sharing with your children. Those moments are priceless and will be the memories you will treasure.

Daniela’s mother still cannot give her affection in the way she needs, her ways of saying I love you are quite far from what one would consider normal, but regardless of that she continues to look for that sign of affection. For her part, Daniela enjoys spending time in the company of her children, transforming into the tickle monster and the urgent bedtime story.

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Although not all people show affection in the same way, it is essential that those who matter most to us realize how valuable they are in our lives and what better way to do it than through concise acts that say “I love you ยป. Do not forget to say hello when you get somewhere, say goodbye if you leave, remember to ask how they feel and listen to their response, these are details that allow us to express ourselves without having to expose our heart. As Mother Teresa of Calcutta said about motherhood:

You will teach how to fly, but they will not fly your flight.

You will teach to dream, but they will not dream your dream.

You will teach how to live, but they will not live your life.

Yet in every flight, in every life, in every dream,

the trace of the path taught will always endure.

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