Discover What Most Men Look For In A Woman

How to be the perfect woman? Know what most men are looking for in a woman and be amazed.

Seeking perfection in a partner is almost impossible; it is all a set of deeply rooted values ​​and beliefs that parents teach in childhood. Some women believe that they are perfect wives, that they take care of the home, the children and dedicate their entire lives to meeting the needs of their husband, however, many of those relationships end up failing.

Women who try to be perfect to please their partner are sometimes wasting their integrity, their tastes, repressing their freedom to be authentic, for fear of losing their relationship.

Men do not seek perfection when in fact they fall in love and want to formalize a relationship. The perfect body moves to the bottom of your request list. Do you think it is possible?

So what do you want from a woman?

1. Compatibility

A woman who shares your tastes, hobbies, beliefs and values. That you have the same interests and life project. In this way, men will easily fall in love, wanting to live with that woman.

The ability to know each other, respect each other, understand each other and learn to live with the partner as they are, without wanting to change the other, share important issues for both of them, is called compatibility. How many times has it happened to you that you don’t know what to talk about with your partner?

2. Security

It is a matter of attitude, putting fear aside to project security, being able to make decisions without thinking about failure. Men look for women who are clear about what they want, with established goals, who know how to control their emotions.

By having confidence, women say what they want, they are clear in expressing their feelings, without fear of what they will say.

3. Motivation

We all look for a reward that makes us feel satisfied. The same happens in relationships, there must be a woman capable of motivating her partner all the time to achieve her goals.

Life is full of challenges, obstacles and responsibilities, however, when there is motivation it is much easier to get what you want. How do you motivate your partner?

4. Make it positive and cheerful

It is much easier to be positive and cheerful when you barely know your partner, however, as the years go by when living together, that positive energy is diminished due to daily problems. Remember that men want their wife to always have an excellent attitude, not to be left to depression, sadness and melancholy.

Nobody wants to share their life with someone who always sees the dark side in any everyday situation. Reflect on your behaviors.

5. Wanting to start a family

Human nature is shaped for reproduction. When looking for a woman with the aim of starting a family, men seek to leave their offspring. .

Some women who are totally independent put having children aside, however, it is important for anyone’s emotional development.

6. Don’t be jealous

Jealousy destroys all relationships, lack of trust and the privacy of freedom are signs that a relationship will never last. Most men want women to fully trust them, to allow them to live their own independence and freedom.

7. Make it a strategist

Men are given to solve and provide solutions to problems, however, a complement to them is that women also participate in providing creative ideas to overcome any obstacle. In a word, let it be your “support.”

8. Don’t lose your femininity

It doesn’t matter if you have a few extra pounds or are very thin. Most men fall in love with the fact that their wife always takes care of her feminine appearance. Let her dress attractively, put on makeup, wear heels and so on.

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Maybe your perspective of being the perfect woman is to wash, iron, cook food, or do housework. What men are looking for are positive attitudes, authentic women who know what they want.

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