Discover The 5 New Feminine Attributes That Make Men Crazy Today

The concepts of beauty change daily and here you will find the new 5 feminine attributes that today interest men.

It is incredible how many products cosmetic, food, sports and other companies are trying to sell to women today. All this to the point of making many women believe that with X food, lipstick or sports shoes they will be more beautiful and healthy, even more attractive for the opposite sex.

The only truth about it is that as much as brands try to impose a set standard of feminine beauty, they will seldom come close to human expectations. What’s more, I would dare to say that they will never be accurate in deciphering true female beauty.

A study on attraction

Dr. Midge Wilson, specialist in research on women and gender conflicts, from DePaul University, in Chicago, USA, carried out an investigation on which are the specific points of female beauty that most attract the attention of men. What the study revealed is really very interesting and shows that the attraction process is much more complex and interesting than you can imagine.

Fortunately, beauty is still a mystery to humans. It is difficult to establish certain patterns and once found, they can be the most surprising, “says Wilson.

The 5 points that attract men, according to the study

1. Powerful voice

It’s not about how much you’re able to yell to make yourself heard, it’s more of a “character in the voice,” so to speak. A powerful voice embodies youth and, oddly enough, gives the image of a delicate and feminine being. Added to that, it reflects an intrepid woman and with enough security to face any type of challenge.

2. Healthy hair

Nothing speaks better of a woman than taking care of her hair. This can be seen because healthy hair is reflected in its texture and shine. According to Wilson, hair in these conditions gives men the feeling that women are in good health and fertile.

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3. A beautiful smile

Not only is it a good dental condition, but a woman who has the ability to smile without pretending, conveys the feeling of being kind, sociable and with good self-esteem, without neglecting the ability to be positive despite the blows of life.

4. Little makeup

And it’s not weird. A woman with makeup highlights her favorable features and looks more beautiful, nobody has anything against it, but a more natural look is what they prefer. According to research on women and makeup, “most men prefer women who use 40% fewer beauty supplies to those who are more like-minded,” said Wilson. In conclusion, science fortified the idea that there is no woman more beautiful than in her natural state.

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5. Wear red

The red color is striking, to reach that conclusion a study is not necessary. But what the study of Dr. Wilson does establish is that this tonality activates the process of attraction. Perhaps that is the reason why many animal species use such a colorful tone in their mating seasons.

I have little to add, but what I can tell you – and that the study does not say – is that you always add that dose of authenticity that makes you be yourself. Have good self-esteem but, above all, make yourself respected and valued for who you are. If in the end that special man who has set his eyes on you decides to take the next step, then choose for your next date that red dress that only you know how to look so good.

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