Discover How Your Pet Can Predict The Arrival Of A Baby

Canine behavior experts have recently explained how dogs are endowed with abilities that are impossible for humans.

Canine behavior experts have recently explained how dogs are endowed with abilities that are impossible for humans. Thanks to them, it is known that dogs can anticipate the arrival of their master at home, they also know when someone is afraid of them or if the person who has come to visit is someone worthy of the trust of their human companion.

In the same way, experts have also come to determine how a dog can become capable of realizing that you are pregnant. Dr. Richard Honaker told Romper magazine that thanks to the acuity of their senses, dogs can pick up on changes in a person’s body, and a pregnant woman is no exception.

Honaker adds that in addition dogs tend to be focused and in tune with the emotional and physical states of their owners, they observe what to expect, that is why they are often trained to react to an emotional (post-traumatic stress) or physical (epilepsy, blindness, among others).

A story about it

A publication by Catherine Zuckerman, writer for National Geographic magazine, highlighted the above explained.

She was pregnant when her Zucco, a Coton de Tuléar, began to engage in behaviors that she hadn’t had before, such as urinating in her daughter’s playroom, that’s when she began to wonder if her dog would know she was pregnant.

What the veterinarian and animal behavior expert from the University of Pennsylvania Carlo Siracusa says is that you have to rule out health problems in the canine to know that it is not about that and that the animal has effectively been able to detect all hormonal changes in Catherine’s body and that in response to that, Zucco has changed the way he behaves.

Dennis Turner, from the Institute of Applied Ethology and Animal Psychology in Horgen, Switzerland, adds that dogs are very intuitive and have a keen sense of smell, which makes them aware of changes in the household routine and they will respond to all those situations.

Changes in the body of pregnant women that dogs are able to detect
Honaker argues that the changes that a dog can detect in a pregnant woman are:

You smell different

This is because when a woman is pregnant, her hormonal levels fluctuate and that makes the way you smell change subtly and dogs are able to notice those subtle differences, since their smell is 100,000 times more sensitive than that of a normal person.

You are tired

A pregnant woman can feel exhausted and that will actually mark a big change in her routine. Animal behaviorist Jennie K. Willis once told the animal planet channel that dogs are always attentive to people’s routine changes because their lives are also affected and they respond to that because they know that “something” has changed.

Your body is changing

Researchers from the renowned brand of pet products Pedigree stated that dogs are familiar with their owners’ behavior, so when a woman’s body begins to change and the “belly” begins to grow and move, they notice it.

In you «2 hearts beat»

While you must wait for a sonogram to hear your baby’s heartbeat, your dog has listened to your baby a long time ago. New York Veterinary Technician Abel Greenbaum maintains that dogs are almost certainly able to hear your baby in utero, due to their highly sensitive hearing; What’s more, it is possible that after the 28th week of pregnancy you will hear your baby crying inside your womb.

You become more sensitive (emotional)

Every woman who has been pregnant knows that hormones can cause altered moods. Given this, the Pedigree researchers pointed out that dogs react to the moods of their human friends and react in response to those changes.

It has always been believed that the dog is man’s best friend, how to question him with everything found about his behavioral responses to pregnancy and diseases of all kinds, so if you have a dog, look at his changes in behavior, perhaps he will tell you long before an exam if in you there is a new life in the making and enjoy the company of your faithful friend.

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