Diet To Father A Son (many Swear It Works)

Having a male child can be at your fingertips with a little effort and discipline.

In my family, women are the majority and this has been easy if I tell you that an uncle had 11 daughters and the twelfth was a boy and so there are 4 more cases, fewer children of course, but in all, many girls first and last, the men. I myself had 3 daughters and we did not dare to look for a boy but we did not want to risk it …

But if you are a risky woman, you like challenges and want to have a boy, perhaps the Barreta Method, which is based on feeding mothers before pregnancy to determine the sex of the baby according to the mother’s chemistry and then conceive boy or girl as you wish.

This Barreta method was developed by the Argentine biochemist Adriana Baretta and published it in her book «Boy or girl? You can now choose »where it states that the consumption of certain minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium change the cervical mucus of women.

Therefore, the consumption of certain foods and the reduction of others, can help you conceive a boy. The changes in the diet must be made months before fertilization so that the metabolism can transform and make it more receptive to sperm And that determine that it is a male, because we remember that it is the man who determines the sex of the baby.

What this diet proposes is to change the consistency of the cervical mucus in such a way that the Y-charged sperm arrive sooner as they are the ones with the shortest life span. This type of sperm is more favored by the alkaline medium and the X-charged, female, the saline medium.

The diet is changed to a high ratio of sodium and potassium along with a decrease in calcium and magnesium to then be able to conceive a boy.

This is the diet to conceive a man, but first I must remind you that you should visit your gynecologist and discuss your intentions to do this diet because if necessary he will send you to a nutritionist to supervise and take care of your weight gain or loss.

So, to conceive a male, Alejandra Baretta advises the following:

Foods rich in sodium and potassium

Avoid foods rich in magnesium and calcium

If you are interested in doing the diet, again, remember to go to the doctor, tell him about your plans, follow his advice, but above all, be very clear that this diet is not 100% safe and that it can fail. So in the end, many times we only have to accept what we receive because God always has a much better plan for us and this includes the people that She will put in our lives including our children. They are the ones who will give us the most teachings in every day of our existence about this world.

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