Did I Lose Heart In Your Work? Maybe The Color Is The Cause

Not all places are comfortable for all people. The colors in each place must be painted according to what you are going to do in each place.

If it has happened to you that you want to get to work, read or do any other activity somewhere but you do not always succeed because you do not feel comfortable, perhaps the answer is in the color of the walls that do not allow you to do it in effective and pleasant way.

“Color affects the mood and level of stimulation in workers, thus indirectly affecting performance and efficient productivity,” said architect Luis Felipe Acosta Martínez, who undertook the task of making an evaluation of the influence of color and work well-being.

Although science has not ruled on this issue, colors can influence your performance in any activity, for example when you go to the gym they put a pleasant atmosphere that encourages you to move to get excited for that they put music, they are large windows and it is ventilated or when you are about to clean your house some people usually put the television, the radio or just listen to music, they open windows and doors so that the light enters and the air circulates.

The same happens with the places where you are going to work, with the difference that usually the color of the walls does not depend on yourself, however it is never too much to know what type of color you can use depending on the use that the you are going to give, so take note:

1. Yellow

It is a fiery color capable of activating you, of giving you energy because its light stimulates the brain, providing joy, vivacity and clarity. So be careful where and how much you put it because it can also cause irritation.

2. Red

Although it is also a fiery color, it can cause aggressiveness and irritation. A room painted this color could cause a problem in the nervous system, unless it is used in small doses where certain activity is required.

3. Blue

It is a color considered cold, which emits tranquility, it can even lead you to relaxation and meditation, so it is recommended when you want to awaken intuition and relaxation, but its excess can be counterproductive and cause melancholy.

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4. Green

It provides you tranquility and balance because it is associated with nature and therefore with health and well-being. It is recommended to use it in the room of babies or very restless children.

5. White

The color of the light, of the magnification, the only one capable of providing a sensation of cleanliness and clarity, of brightening the duller color. Although it is also the dirtiest color, it provides serenity, tranquility and energy at any time of the day.

Dark colors, apart from reducing the light in any room (which prevents a better visualization), can transmit sadness, pessimism, distrust or boredom. Now you know, colors can influence your profit in all the places where you are, the key is that you know which colors are ideal to have a better performance.

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