December Is Not Just Christmas

It is much more than just one day.

I know many people who throughout the year all they want is for December to arrive and with it the much desired Christmas season.

And how to say that they are wrong if it is -perhaps- the most beautiful season of the year. At home, my mom and my nephew just adore her, and they somehow manage to infect us all with the Christmas spirit.

Now, the issue is when to start decorating the house and make it festive for the dates; Well, there are many families that start in November, others wait until the first days of December and other families do it days before the 24th.

In general, what most infects this desire to get festive for Christmas is the custom of the governments of each city to decorate the streets, avenues, parks and shopping centers with hundreds of colored lights and Christmas figures; This yes or yes makes you feel Christmas in every corner of your life.

In Colombia, many families begin to decorate their homes on December 7, the date on which the “Day of the candles” or the celebration of the Catholic feast of the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary is celebrated throughout the country. However, traditions have been changing and now it is very common to start decorating the house from the middle of November, dates by which most children and adolescents finish their school year.

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In any case, we cannot deny that decorating the house for the Christmas season is something that many of us look forward to with almost childlike fascination.

How to decorate the house to celebrate Christmas?

It depends a lot on the tastes of each person. There are those who like to buy dolls, lights, and everything you can imagine to make their house beautiful; however, Christmas decorations are certainly very expensive, so many women and children have found hand-making decorations an entertaining hobby.

In our house my mother is very skilled with her hands, so she enjoys making banners herself, glitter balls for the tree, bows, snowmen, Santa Claus, deer, elves and whatever you can imagine to decorate home.

In the case of my sister and I, what we do is put colored lights throughout the living room and dining room of the house, we usually decorate the windows with special lights and we put all the crafts that my mother has made over the years , and that is where we get ready to enjoy Christmas.

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For what or why decorate the house for the Christmas season?

Well the reasons are many.

While it is true there are many people who do not feel special passion for these dates, fortunately there are many more who are passionate and the reason lies in several aspects.

We are much happier

Yes, it can be very tedious to untangle the cables of the colored lights, put multicolored balls, angels, doves, bows and more on the branches of the tree, and assemble the manger (birth), but definitely, if there is something that can join a family is this: DECORATE.

At home we usually laugh a lot the 2 days we spend cleaning, hanging and putting the decorations; So yes, start decorating and all the time the house is decorated until January 6 is a very happy time for those of us who live at home.

Things are much prettier

Who does not encourage walking through streets full of lights, dolls, smiling people taking pictures with their families, the songs of the season? Well, many of us.

It is very nice to see the children smile and go from house to house singing Christmas carols, praying the novena of Christmas gifts until December 24, eagerly awaiting the arrival of family and friends to spend those special dates with them.

What else makes Christmas so special?

Food is delicious!

From the typical cookies that are bought in the supermarket and those that are made at home, the custard, the fritters, chicken or stuffed turkey and other snacks and sweets of the season that vary from region to region are simply tempting and irresistible.

But it is not just making them and filling us to bursting, it is sharing them with family, friends and neighbors and seeing their happy faces when receiving a small present any day of the month.

AHA! It is also their fault that we spend the rest of the year trying to lose those extra pounds we gained in December, but they are well worth it.

The reunion with friends and family

Sometimes it is difficult to agree to see each other after years; But it is a challenge to achieve a family reunion.

Yes, many times it plays against us jobs, changes of residence, illnesses and the occasional situation that gets out of control, but there is nothing more beautiful than being with those you love.


It is not at all superficial and more so when you know that the person who has given you a present has made a sacrifice in the middle of a season where the economic situation is so difficult for everyone.

It does not matter if it is a card made by your nephew, your sister or your mother, if it is a handkerchief or a pair of stockings or a beautiful watch, what matters is the love that they put into giving you something and it really is worth a lot.

The funny Christmas bonuses

In Colombia we usually play Christmas bonuses, this is a tradition for years and it begins to be practiced from the first days of the month. These are gambling games like “the stolen kiss” or “straw in the mouth” and many others.

What you should do is not let yourself be stolen a kiss or that they do not surprise you without a blade of grass or grass in your mouth because you immediately lose and you must pay with a candy or some representative gift.

December is a wonderful compilation of many of the good things in life: love, peace, good wishes, friendship, reconciliation, happiness, beauty, harmony.

That is why I invite you to be very happy this holiday season, to dream and aim high for your goals, it is the best gift you can give yourself.

Happy holiday season!

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