Decalogue Of The Married Woman

Ow mom! I don’t know whether to marry the accountant or the military man, -a young woman says to her mother, very confused.

Did you get married or are you about to? Congratulations! That tells me that you are a person who believes in love; that you believe in yourself, that you bet that feelings are worth it; who believes that shared life is tastier. Yes: you are a person who still believes.

I do not judge those who do not see marriage with eyes of love, I am not who I, nor you, nor anyone else to pronounce on the reasons of others. However, I am grateful that there are still people like you, who get on this Noah’s Ark, which is the family.

However, being in the Ark is only the beginning of the journey. To save ourselves we must overcome the storm. That is why to you who are starting in the process of being a couple, I want to share some ideas that I consider can be a beacon so as not to lose yourself in the relationship.

Always try

1. That both your responsibilities and his are discussed

It may happen that you have one idea, he another, and in the end both are assuming things that are not going to happen. So it is best to agree on how you want to run your home and marriage.

2. Have friends

I think we underestimate the importance of friendships in relationships. Friends are the ones that will allow you to vent, keep up with the news, go out, and socialize as the individual that you are. That’s why don’t put them aside just because you’re wearing a ring now.

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3. The clean house

“The retrograde thought that a woman must have a broom in her hand has come out,” you have to think. No, I do not mean that you are the slave of the home, I mean that it is your home, it is your space, so try to always have it pleasant. What you use to make it happen is up to you, but remember that your home is a reflection of you.

4. Worry and take care of yourself

I’m talking about your emotional and physical well-being. How we feel, so try to give yourself love so that you are able to give love.

5. Learn to cook

You don’t have to be an expert. A lasagna for anniversaries, some chilaquiles for breakfast, a broth for colds, a turkey for Christmas. And yes: not only you: he also has to know how to cook, and share that duty.

6. Let the discussions be talks

Sometimes it will happen that something goes out of control, but avoid it being a rule in your house. When everyone shouts no one is heard!

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7. Smiles and good music

Much has been written about aphrodisiacs to keep passion alive. But let me share with you what I consider to be a little exploited aphrodisiac: make sure that your house always has smiles and good music. Laughing does not solve everything, but by the way, it helps us to relax and drives away negative energies. For its part, music changes moods, stimulates the brain and benefits your immune system.

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8. Leave families out of marital problems

Your privacy is yours, but if you open the door of your problems to third parties, then you will not be able to close it, especially if those third parties have blood ties. Remember that your partner is now your family. Give yourselves your place and do not allow interference from anyone.

9. Never spend before you have saved

Women are todologists , so the economy falls within our responsibilities. For this reason, never spend the weight that is left over, but the one that remains after saving.

10. Don’t give up your identity or your independence

One thing is to make adjustments to life as a couple, and another is to become a shadow next to the other person. I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about having the freedom to move, think, act without fear, without consequences, without being annulled.

There are as many marriages as there are character, thoughts and ideas about him. But what we all aspire to as couples is to always be united in love, trust, support, coexistence. In the same way, we aspire to a life in common, in all circumstances. Try to establish and live in such a way appropriate rules in your relationship as a couple, that in the end your marriage can be a little piece of heaven.


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