Day After Day Everyone Saw Him On The Same Corner For Years And No One Knew Why, Until This Woman Asked Him And It Changed His Life

Imagine the saddest reason to spend day after day for years in the same place … most likely, you are nowhere near what happened to him.

He sat in the same corner for many years for a painful reason, but she came to find out. Sometimes it just takes the willpower of a charitable person to change the course of someone’s story.

Victor sat in the same corner every day. It would be cold, rain, wind, he was sitting there. He looked into the void, he watched people go by. And so his days passed. He had nowhere to go, since he practically lived on the streets and had no job. It was supported by the help of people who passed by. But the real help and the big change in his life came when a woman decided to do something for this man.

“Someone should do something”

Usually, when we see people on the street begging for alms we usually say “poor people, someone should do something.” And it’s exactly what people said when they passed Victor, seeing him misaligned and always sitting in the same place. But what if that someone is yourself? So thought Ginger Sprouse, a woman who passed that corner three times a day and saw this man in that situation. According to the Little Things site, one day Ginger decided to take her thoughts and words into real actions, and their lives changed.

A stranger to help

Ginger passed near Victor and one day she decided to talk to him, learn his story and understand why almost three years ago he was always sitting in the same corner. She wanted to help him, and she knew that she needed to start a dialogue with him to begin with. Giving him a few clothes would not be enough, this courageous woman went to the heart of the matter.

Thus, she learned that Victor was 32 years old and had a mental disorder that prevented him from having a formal job, since no one wanted to take him in that condition. His reason for sitting in the same corner for so many years broke Ginger’s heart and was what completely encouraged her to take another step in helping this man on time.

Had been abandoned there

Victor always frequented that corner because he had been abandoned by his mother there. that place was the last where he had had contact with her. He waited for her day and night, and so the years went by. The moment she learned his story, Ginger felt something connect her to this man, perhaps her own maternal instinct, and with all its possibilities it helped him in an amazing way.

Work and health

Ginger and her husband have a cooking school called “Art of Meal,” and during their noon recess she would visit Victor to get closer. Thus, they began to become friends and he began to trust her. She invited him to lunch and Victor knew he had a place to go when the cold outside was extreme. But she went further. She took him to the doctor for mental health treatment and general check-ups.

In three months Victor had completely changed. Her desire to progress was so great that she saw that it was a good time to give it a try, so she decided to give her a job at her cooking school.

Words are blown away, but not actions

Ginger’s work was so successful that she created a Facebook page called ” This is Victor ” so that the whole world knows her story. There he tells that, in his adventures through that journey of solidarity, and while calling public agencies to find state aid for Victor, someone told him « Darling, it will break your heart, but … buy him a hamburger and go on your way. these people don’t want your help . And he continued, “There was no guarantee that I would not come out with my heart broken, but it was not my heart but a life, a real person.” The page went viral and thousands of people follow the stories Ginger posts every day.

In addition to the help of Ginger’s help, Victor receives a lot of help from people who learned about his story and took pity. On the page created in GoFundMe, people can make their donations to continue attending this effort that Ginger makes every day.

Sometimes it only takes one person, just one, to change the fate of history. We should not always expect “others” to do something; we can from our actions help others. And you, would you have done what this woman did?


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