Daughter Restores Beauty To Her Mother With Cancer In A Makeover; Upload The Video To Youtube And Leave The Most Wonderful Message

The transformation of this mother into the hands of her daughter will fill you to tears.

A gift for the benefit of his mother

Nadina Ioana decided to make one of her best videos as a blogger and artist for her YouTube followers. This time he chose his mother as a model, who suffers from cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy treatment, so she is in the stage of complete hair loss.

That is how he sat down his mother and began the transformation, an act of love and compassion, full of beauty and change, sending a strong message of self-esteem to his mother and other cancer patients who have access to his blog.

The importance of beauty in women

Two extreme opinions are almost always faced when talking about women and the importance of looking beautiful, through makeup or other more expensive methods, but as in all things, balance, equilibrium and common sense of posture is the most important thing. .

I mean that you always have to consider all aspects of situations before judging whether a woman is arrogant because she puts on makeup or is just going through a bad time as in the case of this mother.

The power of the media in the beauty of women

It is clear, however, that the media are responsible for sending the wrong message regarding the value of women, in order to sell their products, putting women in a place where you must wear certain types of clothing, fashionable colors and exclusive makeup, to look really beautiful.

Putting aesthetics and personal image as a priority for women, often leading them to a position of total dependence on their personal appearance, obsessing over and resorting to cosmetic changes or unnecessary surgeries. The only result of this position is that if you base all your self-esteem on your appearance, it will be temporary, because reality will show you that the years do not come alone.

The inner beauty

Of course, the first impression you make is through how you present yourself outwardly
but if it is an impression, as soon as you open your mouth to speak your values, goals, attitudes and personal treatment, it will be what really impressed others.

An article published by Mind is Wonderful explains it like this:

“The true value of people will always be in our essence, in our values, in our way of treating people, in our way of behaving, in all those little things that make up our personality.”

This way of thinking will help us to face the changes of our age, and will allow us to live each moment of our lives enjoying youth as well as adulthood and old age.

Identify if you depend on your physical appearance or your inner being

Remember that I am talking about the woman, adult or mother, not the stage of adolescence where obviously the physical aspect is the most important, because at that stage they are in full development of their personality.

Years ago I remember seeing a well-known movie, for describing American thought, where some parents had lost their son because the young man had committed suicide. When they were ready to go to the funeral, the mother told the husband “your shoes are not they stick with the color of your clothes ”, which later in a therapy session complains to him ‘we were going to the funeral of our son and you were worried about the color of my shoes’.

Believe it or not, there are people who think this way, so consider these options to find out if you depend on your physical appearance:

  • You do not even go to the warehouse without painting or fixing yourself

  • It takes you almost over two hours to get ready

  • Your day is not the same if you don’t look good

  • You constantly change your hair color

  • You always find new things to change your physical appearance

  • You don’t enjoy spontaneous moments or changes

  • You prefer not to go to a place if you are not presentable according to your beauty parameters

Well they say that inner beauty over time is reflected outside

How many times have you heard when a woman is pregnant she looks more beautiful, her eyes shine, and even though she vomits, everything goes wrong, there is an inner beauty that is obviously reflected on the outside, this is a great example of how our inner beauty it can be reflected in our face, features and light in our eyes.

My mother was very flirtatious, she loved to get ready before going out, I remember that as a child I used to put the rollers on Saturday night to go to church the next day, she was a seller of primer products all her life, so the Physical appearance was important to her, but it was not her priority, her five children were first, making our dresses, fixing our hair, and taking care that although we did not have much money, we were always presentable.

Beauty is inside like happiness, that is why life gives us experiences so that we learn to externalize it.

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