Creative Couples Divorce Less. Need Help?

There is a very close connection between the divorce rate and couples who have put their gifts and talents aside by coming together. If you need help to awaken your creativity, here I help you.

I have always been convinced of what Arthur Conan Doyle said: “Mediocrity knows nothing superior to itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius.” A few days ago, a young Uruguayan couple wrote to me from Spain to ask for my advice, as they felt that they were bored with each other. I replied that although I wanted to help them, at that time I was experiencing some health problems and that while I was recovering and was able to respond with dedication, they would do some “creative tasks” individually. I asked them to write to me again within a month, if I had not been able to reply before. At the end of the month, I received an email from them again: «We have understood their trick, we want you to know that we are rescuing lost love and, on the other hand, each one is growing individually, but especially as a couple we are building something new.

Do you know that there is a very close connection between the divorce rate and couples who have put aside their gifts and talents when coming together? While many couples are in the courtship process, they are able to show their talents and abilities, but with the passage of time, the sure conquest and the routine, on many occasions each one of them leaves their gifts somewhere in the basement. It is for this reason that below I would like to share with you some of the benefits that creativity offers to couple relationships.

Forget the phrase: “I have no ability.” We can all be creative, you just have to be willing to start. Once we have done something creative, with practice and time it will be easier and more natural to do it. Even those people who are in less favorable conditions are able to bring out the richness of their inner world. If you have doubts, watch this video and you will be surprised. Here are some benefits of creativity:

Strengthen emotional ties

Creativity allows couples to create strong ties on an emotional level, since the fact of sharing creative spaces consolidates the couple. I will tell you the following anecdote: Juan took up his wood carving and surprised Camelia with a beautiful capybara that reminded him of roasts and afternoons on the farm in Durazno. Camelia resumed her baking classes and surprised Juan each week with a “sweet surprise” in his lunch box.

Improve the economy

Many of the individual talents can contribute to the common good of the couple. Do you remember Juan and Camelia? They were going through tough times economically, but they realized that they had a huge capital in their hands. Now they are selling the product of their talents online and have an extra income.

readBecause creativity is not only a matter of artists

Change the everyday landscape

Even if you don’t think you can do something extraordinary, with just a few items you can restore and transform objects made by others to give them a personal touch. An old route map can be transformed into a beautiful reminder of the places you once traveled together. In each place write a note remembering that kiss, the sunset, the rain that surprised them. Take pieces of paper with adhesive and write on each of them something you like about your partner and stick them before he gets up on the window that overlooks his favorite place. With an indelible marker, write on his breakfast cup a phrase of love or that phrase you always say and make him laugh, or draw a picture.

You already know that routine is capable of killing love. In these times it is necessary that you recover your buried talents and put creativity at the service of love. If you do not surprise your partner, you may receive the phrase “this is not enough, I’m getting bored” again and instead of spending an afternoon together, each of you connect with strangers and start the preamble of infidelity. So get to work and be a creative love genius.

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