Couple Wanted To Be Parents, But Life Had Prepared Something For Them That They Did Not Expect

They did not expect what happened to them will happen to them, but they welcomed it and continue to receive good news.

For many couples, the long-awaited search for a child sometimes becomes a battle that refers to years of examinations, sadness, and disappointments that never seem to end. But sometimes life has to give great surprises to those who wait with love and have much of it to give.

Andy and Sarah; looking for a son

The story of this couple, told by the newsner site, will leave you pleasantly surprised. Andy and Sarah Justice tried for years to be parents, but after much struggle and disappointment they chose to adopt.

With that idea in mind, they approached an adoption agency and in that place they were put in contact with a woman who was pregnant and wanted to give her child for adoption to a family that could give her love and everything that she could not. .

Thus, the three of them established an agreement that when the baby was born, it would be delivered to them. At the time of delivery of the baby, the situation exceeded all expectations, they would not be parents of one baby but of three! YES, they would be parents of triplets!

But the situation does not stop there

Happy to be parents of three beautiful babies (a boy and two girls) they started their day to day, but just a week after the delivery of the babies, Sarah began to feel strange, not so much as sick but unwell, so She made a medical appointment and the intensity with which life would surprise her once again would not wait long: I was pregnant… and I was expecting twins!

The reality surpassed them

Imagine what they must have felt; going from believing that you can’t be a father, adopting three newborn babies and then discovering that your years of waiting were once again rewarded with twins.

The family that one day was made up of a sad and longing couple, became a large and happy 7 members; Andy and Sarah, the happy parents, and the children, first the triplets Joel, Hannah and Elizabeth and the twins Abigail and Andrew, 5 babies who are not even a year apart, all ready to be happy and loved.

Why does this phenomenon occur?

There are no medical documents that provide any information regarding this matter. But what is believed is that the search for a child, fills a partner with stress and this (stress) can have an impact on a woman becoming pregnant.

It is as if they will need to relax and be certain that as something good is going to happen to them, they are prepared for more good things to come into their lives, but although there have been many studies carried out in this regard, the experts do not finish reaching a conclusion.

Adoption cannot be seen as a “magic wand for infertility solution”

The site of the newspaper el País, led by the doctor and scientific communicator Esther Samper, states in this regard that not necessarily whenever a couple adopts, the result could immediately become that the woman becomes pregnant; rather, that this happens are things more linked to chance and that the link is established by the people who listen to the anecdote.

Like time, it is difficult to know with speed if emotional stress is associated with the search for a child who does not arrive and if this influences the fertility of the couple. As an interesting fact, it is known that at present, 15% of infertility cases are of unknown cause and some researchers point out that a certain part of that same 15% could be due to psychological causes.

So could the infertility of these couples be caused by their mental processes?

Psychogenic infertility, as it is the real name, is not proven and it could be dangerous to attribute this type of infertility to couples who have not come to know the real cause why they cannot conceive.

The site for pregnancy uses an article by Antonia González Fernández, Biologist and Naturopath, expert in fertility and reproductive medicine, who states in a textual way: «The mind is capable of altering the balance of our organism, therefore stress or mental blocks can make it difficult the pregnancy”.

In short, could psychogenic infertility exist?

In theory it could be possible, this because it is known that stress influences the endocrine system and it plays an important role in pregnancy. However, it is not entirely proven and even if it were, its percentage of importance in infertility could be minimal.

To add something to the story of Andy and Sarah; The bebesymas site said that after being the parents of 5 children who were barely 7 months apart, they received the news that they were expecting a sixth baby. They are a great family now! Of course.

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