Correct These 9 Aspects In Your Life And You Will Be Someone More Happy

The train of life passes only once; Therefore, correct these attitudes that are not letting you advance.

There are things in my life that, if I could go back in time, I would gladly change. But time machines don’t exist and I definitely learned a lot from those “blunders” of the past.

However, I know that I still have time to make more and better choices in my life, before it is too late, and there is no opportunity to do things differently.

But if you who read me and you are in your adolescence or you are a young adult, you want to make less mistakes than I or your parents did, it is possible that the advice that I will give below will help you to be a better human being based on the experiences of others; yes, because you can learn a lot from the failures of others.

9 attitudes that you must correct to be a happier person

1 Do not strain in school

Although many famous people have succeeded by dropping out of school, it does not mean that you will run with the same luck.

Yes, sometimes some of us have a hard time at school, whether it’s not having friends, or being bullying victim or having learning disabilities. For whatever it is, you can always deal with that kind of thing (if I know).

Make an effort to get ahead in your studies and make sure that what others say or do does not influence you. Study a professional career that you know will be happy for you and you will feel fulfilled working in it.

2 Wanting to please and please everyone

Acting to please others and that is not your wish, is going to hurt you as you have no idea. But also, not only is it going to make you sick, it is practically impossible to try to please everyone else.

For example, if you choose your professional career in pursuit of what your father always wanted to study but could not and “it is because he is very excited”, it may happen that you do not get ahead with your studies because it may be that you do not understand anything and only you fail over and over again.

This applies in all sectors of life; in the way you dress, in the couples you choose, in the life you lead; throughout. Live your life according to the principles and values ‚Äč‚Äčthat you were taught, always trying to be happy without harming anyone and surely you can be a full person and have a life as you always expected.

3 Silence what you feel and think

Keeping what you think and feel is repressing, and making the body sick. Another thing that people who repress their thoughts and feelings do is leave for later that which little by little becomes a time bomb ready to explode when it can no longer be done.

The solution to that is to say what you think and feel always calmly and prudently, trying above all to have control over yourself. That way, you don’t repress, you don’t hurt yourself, and you don’t hurt the person you are telling your feelings or thoughts to.

4 Staying in a job you don’t feel good about

Nothing more horrible and counterproductive than that. Yes, sometimes – due to situations in life or the country in which we live – we are forced to stay in a job that we don’t like; but if you have the choice, do it!

Be in a work that you don’t like and where they treat you badly, it is not only bad for your self-love, it is terrible for your health.

Look for a job that is to your liking or else risk setting up your own business; But don’t be in an unpleasant job longer than necessary and even against your will. In the long run you will regret it and no one will be grateful for your sacrifice.

5 Not learning something new

It may seem that it does not influence much in your day to day; however, risklearn something new It can open doors that you never imagined could be the possibility you were looking for to be happy.

It is equal to giving your brain and your life the opportunity to discover your abilities and get out of your comfort zone. That, I assure you, will make you a healthier, more sociable person with many more opportunities to realize your dreams.

6 Not having a close relationship with your parents

It is perhaps one of the worst mistakes you can make. It is true that sometimes you do not get along with them, but there is no reason to distance yourself to the point of not remembering the good they did for you in your life.

I am one of the people who thinks that respect and honor are earned. Despite that, you can always keep arelationship harmonica with your parents although many of the things that you lived with them have not been the best of your life.

7 Don’t fight for your dreams

You dreamed all your life of being a cardiovascular surgeon, of writing a book, of opening a shelter for animals, but for one reason or another you always leave it last and at the end of your days you realize that you do not feel full and that those dreams you really should have tried to make them come true.

You will not know if you are capable of achieving it if you do not risk it.

Everything in life is hard work, but the good thing is that after all that effort, looking back and realizing that you have achieved what you set out to do one day makes you see that you are much more capable than you thought and that all that effort, tears and sorrows were worth it.

8 Fear of everything

Fearing everything is the same as isolating yourself from every new experience that surrounds you. It is true that the unknown is scary, but you do not know what opportunity or teaching is hidden behind that “door” that you fear to open.

Risking parachute jumping, to that date you made with that someone you only see as a friend, to buy that house of your dreams or to have a child (as long as you feel comfortable with it) will give you the opportunity to get to know yourself better and even to be happier than you already are.

9 Holding a Grudge

Someone did something to you and you weren’t able to defend yourself or you kept quiet to avoid trouble, but you can’t bear to share a place in the world with that person; Result: seeing it makes you sick.

Not forgiving makes you sick and contrary to what you were taught; Forgiveness does not work for the benefit of the other, it benefits you. Knowing that you are capable of forgiving someone gives you power over yourself, as well as preventing you from getting sick and living in the pursuit of senseless revenge.

The trick to avoiding all these mistakes is that you strive to be true to yourself, your values, dreams, principles and that you seriously want to be happy. It won’t be easy, but it’s not impossible either.

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