Combination Of Music And Exercise Benefits The Brain

Music is not only a good companion for exercise, it has 4 effects on the brain when combining music and exercise

How lazy to exercise! Many people assure you when you invite or propose to exercise. Fiaca is one of the main reasons why a large percentage of people do not exercise, because it is not necessary to have money to go to the gym if you can find countless routines on the internet.

A friend of mine once told me that she didn’t like exercising in the gym because she didn’t like the music they played and it didn’t motivate her to do anything. To me it sincerely seemed like a very absurd excuse, you ignore it and now, nowhere will they be able to please you and they will give you an hour, an hour and a half to put on your favorite music, I told myself.

However, researchers at Texas University Health Sciences undertook the task of conducting various studies and discovered that music injects 10% more energy when exercising, than other in silence. Dr. Waseem Shami assures that this is a great motivator and a great direct impact on the mood.

I know people who like to exercise by watching a movie, the news or series, maybe it helps them to be distracted and not feel the routines so boring, although they run the risk of not paying attention to the technique and therefore not doing the series well.

Another study by Hampden-Sidney College , Virginia (USA), showed that men pedaled 11% more for just 10 minutes with music than without it. “Music inspires movement and can penetrate areas of the brain that language itself cannot reach,” says the sports psychologist at Brunel University in London .

Effects of music on your brain to exercise

1. The rhythm takes you

There are some exercises that even play slow music to start a routine and finish it. In the intense part, faster music is chosen.

2. Disconnect from the outside world

It is usually set at a volume high enough to catch your thoughts and allow you to focus more on your physical activity.

3. You keep your pace

When you are doing a spinning routine or on stair climbers or on an elliptical, music can be your best guide so that you do not speed up or slow down before you should.

4. Helps to synchronize your time

If you like to go out for a run or ride a bike in the street, you can record the music that most encourages you, accommodate them if you are going to do intervals and the duration of everything can mark the time you want to dedicate per day.

Music is a real potion to motivate you more, it serves as a distraction and makes you feel that time passes faster, due to the segregation of brain substances that boost your mood-

Although you have heard that depending on the type of exercise you are going to do, it is the type of music to play, you choose the one you like the most. The only thing that can influence is the speed or slowness of your scores and with it your movements. Don’t think twice and exercise, but if you don’t like background music, record your favorite songs and put on your headphones!

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