Clean Teeth, Calm Mom

Your baby grows day by day. It is wonderful to see your progress. Among so many new things to learn and discover, have you ever thought about how to clean his mouth? Here we give you ideas to do it.

It’s amazing how fast babies grow. One day we have a small newborn and in the blink of an eye that treasure of mom is already crawling, making its first little sounds and smiling. And in that continuous series of wonderful little miracles of development, one of the things that brings us the most joy is the appearance of her first baby teeth. In what month do they appear? They can leave after four months. But, if that moment has passed and the teeth are conspicuous by their absence (on the other hand, those of the neighbor’s baby have blossomed a long time ago), do not worry: it is always better not to compare, you will save yourself worries. It is good to be very aware that each baby has its own rate of development.

One thing you should know is that the arrival of the tooth is accompanied by fever and a lot of discomfort, so it is important to consult with the pediatrician. This will provide us with the right tools to relieve pain. An essential aspect is that we have nibbles on hand for the baby to bite and relieve their pain. It is a good idea to put the different mordants in the refrigerator, because the cold will increase the feeling of relief on the baby’s gums.

When the moment of pain has passed, we can begin to think about how we will sanitize the baby’s mouth. In general, a visit to the dentist is recommended from one year of age, but that does not mean that we should wait until then to start with our child’s oral hygiene. With what joy my baby takes the toothbrush! She imitates me, so I take her to the bathroom after every meal and teach her to brush. Although he is only one year old, he already has several teeth. She is very excited to learn. And touch the brushes of the rest of the family, she wants to use them all!

But … how to start? I’ll tell you what I did:

Before the appearance of your first tooth

You can clean with a gauze dampened in water very, very gently.

When your first teeth appear

Also clean them with a moistened gauze after each meal. I suggest that it be a fixed habit, just like washing your hands before eating.


You can start using it from the age of three, when you have learned to spit. Even though there is toothpaste for children that say that it is not toxic and can be swallowed, it is better if we start using it until the baby is three years old.

Baby brushes

Dentists recommend using them from one year on. There are some that come with drawings of animals or their favorite characters, with fun colors and that are ideal to start and encourage them to learn.

Offer water often

This helps to better sanitize your mouth.


Ask when it is advisable to make the first visit with the child. It is usually done around the year.

Teach him to brush

Find fun ideas to teach her about proper tooth brushing. You can start by telling him how to do it, with some catchy song, while you clean it up. Thus, you will prepare it for when it is older and old enough to brush itself.

How good it is when children incorporate healthy habits from small to small! Remember that everything we learn as children is never erased. And you, are you one of those who keeps the first milk tooth? Have you found a fun way to teach your kids to brush?

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